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Are Your Teeth Sensitive After Whitening? Try At-Home Whitening in Millersville, Maryland

August 28, 2015 in Cosmetic Dentistry,Dentistry,Teeth Whitening by mccarl_dental

fantastic results with at-home teeth whitening in millersvilleMany patients hear that teeth whitening can be painful for those with sensitive teeth. This may be the case for some patients, but advances in dentistry have made teeth whitening more comfortable than ever. At McCarl Dental Group, our dentists offer professional at-home whitening to help patients achieve the brilliant smile they want without the discomfort they fear. Our Millersville and Greenbelt, MD offices welcomes patients from surrounding areas to contact us to schedule a whitening consultation today.

Teeth Whitening Greenbelt Trusts

Every smile is unique and McCarl Dental Group never takes a one size fits all approach to dentistry. When it comes to helping our patients brighten their smiles, we offer a range of at-home treatments to fit your budget and whitening need. We use Zoom! teeth whitening products, and this versatile whitening line allows our patients the ability to find an option that fits their needs including the ability to customize the strength of whitening gel to avoid sensitivity. Best of all, because McCarl Dental Group is committed to helping Millersville residents have the smiles they deserve, we offer whitening to our patients at our cost.

At-Home Whitening in Millersville

Zoom!, the leader in teeth whitening, offers a full range of at-home whiteners for the comfort and convenience Greenbelt, MD area residents desire. Zoom!’s line of at-home products offer a variety of peroxide levels, durations of wear, and result times. We prepare a customized application tray to make your home whitening more comfortable and effective than generic, over the counter whitening gels and strips. Patients whiten their teeth to remove coffee, tea, and wine stains, yellowing, and to lighten teeth that have darkened with age. Some reasons patients prefer at-home teeth whitening:

  • Patients are in the driver’s seat – choose the strength, time of wear, and can stop at any time
  • Convenience of not having to schedule whitening appointments
  • Ability to touch up their results before special events or photo opportunities

Zoom! at-home products include

  • DayWhite Maximum White – 14% hydrogen peroxide, worn 15 minutes 2 times a day, and shows results in 2 weeks. Great results for minimal wear time.
  • NiteWhite Maximum White – 16% carbamide peroxide, worn overnight or 2-4 hours/day, and shows results in 2 weeks. Great results for those who prefer whitening while sleeping.
  • NiteWhite Quick 3-day – 22% carbamide peroxide worn overnight or 2-4 hours/day, and shows dramatic results quickly. Great for patients with less sensitive teeth who want fast results.
  • DayWhite Gentle – 6% hydrogen peroxide, worn 30 minutes/day, shows results in 2 weeks. Great for patients with very sensitive teeth.
  • DayWhite Touchups – 9.5% hydrogen peroxide, worn 5-10 minutes/day as needed, helps to maintain results of in-office or at-home whitening. Great for all whitening patients who want to extend their results.

Call the Cosmetic Dentist Greenbelt, MD Prefers

For Greenbelt, MD residents with sensitive teeth, a brilliant smile doesn’t have to be out of reach, with the wide variety of Zoom! Whitening products offered by McCarl Dental Group. There are some cases where patients’ teeth will be too sensitive even for the gentlest whitening products. Sometimes dark, staining that goes beneath the enamel layer of the teeth cannot be removed through whitening. When this happens, we offer thin veneers that require no dental preparation, and regular veneers to cover deep set stains. As an added bonus, veneers can also reduce tooth sensitivity. Call our Greenbelt or Millersville offices to find out more or schedule your whitening consultation today.


March 11, 2010 in Dentistry,Teeth Whitening by McCarl Dental Group

Aging and genetics contribute to tooth discoloration.  Another major cause of darkened teeth are staining substances including coffee, tea, cola and red wine or smoking.  We also see antibiotic staining from tetracycline use during childhood, as well as discoloration from old amalgam fillings.  Professional teeth whitening at McCarl Dental Group conveniently located near Annapolis Maryland is a great way to brighten a smile.

Please click here Invisalign Orthodontics and Teeth Whitening to watch our video of McCarl dental patients who are delighted with their bright smiles from professional teeth whitening.

Whitening toothpastes contain mild abrasives that can remove staining on the outside of the teeth but do not alter the intrinsic color of teeth. Professional tray system teeth whitening or bleaching corrects most types of discoloration by removing intrinsic stains. Professional teeth whitening is a quick and safe way to whiten teeth 2-5 shades.

At McCarl Dental Group, we recommend the in-home tray teeth whitening system. First, we take impressions to make custom fitted teeth whitening trays. A precise fit of the tray is essential to the success of the whitening treatment. In the comfort of your home, you place the prescription whitening gel in the custom fitted tray. We recommend DayWhite, NightWhite and  Zoom teeth whitening gels.  During the specified time, the tooth whitening gel oxidizes allowing oxygen to enter the enamel which whitens or bleaches the teeth. The tooth is made lighter but the structure of the tooth is not changed.

Contact our Millersville Dental Office at 410-987-8800 or our Greenbelt Dental Office 301-474-4144 to learn about our special discount for professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening is an excellent solution for many patients however fillings, crowns, and bonding will not lighten past their original color.  Teeth with yellow and light brown stains usually lighten well, but gray colored teeth often do not bleach as well. There are many excellent options for patients who are not good candidates for enhancing their smile with teeth whitening.  For these dental patients, porcelain veneers may give the best results.  The dentists at McCarl Dental Group are included in Americas Top Dentists and are experts on all types of smile makeovers and cosmetic dental reconstruction.

If you are interested in enhancing your smile, whether through teeth bleaching, ultra thin veneers, traditional porcelain veneers, or crowns, please make an appointment for a complimentary consultation at McCarl Dental Group.  We offer professional teeth whitening and smile makeovers to our dental patients in Annapolis, Maryland and also our dental patients in Severna Park, Crofton, Crownsville and Millersville, College Park, Lanham, Seabrook, Bowie, New Carrollton, Laurel and Greenbelt.


December 31, 2009 in Dentistry,Teeth Whitening by McCarl Dental Group

Professional teeth whiteners are significantly more effective than over-the-counter products.  Our every day toothpastes contain abrasive particles that help scrub stains from teeth.  When stains are too stubborn for toothpaste, whiteners are often a great choice for brightening a smile.  All whitening products are most effective after you have had your teeth professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist. The professional teeth whitening experts at McCarl Dental Group are Annapolis top dentists.  We offer discount teeth whitening. McCarl Dental Group at Shipley’s Choice is conveniently located near Annapolis Maryland and Severna Park.

Over-the-counter whitening gels and strips contain formulas that whiten teeth from the inside but are less concentrated than professional whiteners prescribed by your dentist.   Results will vary depending on the tooth color, types of stain, and overall oral health.  It doesn’t hurt to try these products, and some people get pretty good results.  But typically, we do not see a dramatic difference.  If you’re looking for significant color changes in your teeth and a more long-lasting result, then your best bet is to see your dentist, who has access to the most effective whitening technologies.

The Greenbelt and Severna Park Dentists at McCarl Dental Group offer teeth whitening at our cost as a gift to our new and existing patients.  Tray system whitening allows patients the choice of wearing trays for 30 minutes during the day for up to a week, or for about three nights while sleeping.  This whitening technique is very comfortable, and our patients are delighted with the fabulous, long lasting results.  Based on our many years of experience with whitening and bleaching products, we have found that both the Zoom Whitening System and DayWhite Nite White are highly effective.   Please visit the McCarl Dental Group offices in Greenbelt or Shipley’s Choice Medical Park to take advantage of  our Greenbelt, Millersville, Annapolis and Severna Park Teeth Whitening discounts.


December 17, 2009 in Dentistry,Teeth Whitening by McCarl Dental Group

Our smile is one of the first things people see when we greet them.  A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful and can help you feel better about yourself and make a memorable impression.  Are your teeth bright and clean?  Do you have stains from red wine, cola, coffee and tea?

Teeth whitening or bleaching is an economical, easy and effective and way to brighten a smile with fabulous, long lasting results.  At McCarl Dental Group this is such a popular procedure, that as a gift of appreciation to our patients we offer teeth whitening at our cost!  For $200, you can have a bright sparkling smile to celebrate the New Year!

In just two quick appointments you can have the best whitening technology available — the home tray whitening system.  Simply wear trays for 30 minutes during the day for up to a week, or for about three nights while sleeping.  This whitening technique is very comfortable, less expensive, and our patients are delighted.  Both the Zoom Whitening System and Day/Night White are highly effective.

Please call McCarl Dental Group at Greenbelt or Shipley’s Choice Medical Park for our Greenbelt and Severna Park teeth whitening discounts.

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