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Millersville & Greenbelt Partial & Full Dentures

Replacing missing teeth is essential to maintain optimal oral health and function. This is especially true for patients struggling with advanced tooth loss. At McCarl Dental Group of Millersville and Greenbelt, we improve your ability to chew food, talk, laugh and smile with partial and full dentures created specifically for you. If you are missing teeth, it is important for your health that you replace them as soon as possible. Advanced tooth loss contributes to bone loss and weakening of your jaw and shifting of your remaining teeth. Call McCarl Dental Group today to schedule a tooth replacement consultation.

Partial Dentures

Model smile with partial denture Partial dentures replace teeth and fit between remaining healthy teeth. We use a gum-colored base material to support replacement teeth. The partial denture will be positioned snuggly between remaining teeth. Traditional “partials” are held in place by clasps attached to surrounding teeth, recreating natural, healthy function.

Full Dentures

Full set of denturesComplete dentures replace a full row of missing teeth or all of your teeth. Like partial dentures, full dentures are crafted using a gum colored base to support replacement teeth. Without remaining healthy teeth to provide support, the full denture is molded to fit against the gums creating suction that holds it in place. For additional support, many patients also use a small amount of denture adhesive.

Implant Supported Partial and Full Dentures

For dramatically increased stability and longevity, you may want to consider a dental implant supported partial or full denture. These partials and dentures look much like the traditional, removable forms of dentures, but they are fixed to implant posts that mimic tooth roots. In most cases, we can support your entire denture with just three to six strategically positioned implant posts. Once in place, your implant secured denture will restore as much as 70% of healthy chewing function, allowing you to eat a wider range of foods. Additionally, your implant retained denture can last two decades or longer with proper care compared with traditional dentures that need to be replaced every five to ten years. It is often possible for us to retrofit your existing traditional dentures to secure them with dental implants.

Caring for Your Dentures

If you have a removable denture, cleaning is simple. Before you go to sleep at night, you can remove your denture and use cool water to rinse it off. Then, you should use a soft toothbrush or specialized denture brush to finish cleaning. Store your denture in cold water or denture cleaner overnight. If you have healthy teeth remaining, you should continue to brush and floss them as usual. If you are fully edentulous (missing all of your teeth), you should still clean your gums. You can rinse with antimicrobial mouthwash, brush the gums gently, or simply swish cool water over your gums to remove food particles and plaque. If you have a fixed denture, you can brush it like natural teeth. You should use a specialized flossing tool or water flosser to remove plaque between the denture base and gums. Visit our office twice a year for dental checkups, so we can examine your denture to ensure proper fit and function.

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