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The Dentists at McCarl Dental Group were awarded the prestigious "Biohorizons Award of Excellence- 2018 Gold Achievement Award for Implant Dentistry." Dr. Jay McCarl accepted the award from Lou Licata on behalf of our Greenbelt and Millersville, Maryland dental practices.

Dental Implants in Greenbelt and Millersville, Maryland

With a success rate of 95% over the past 50 years, dental implants have proven themselves to often be the best way to replace a single, missing tooth. At the same time, they are recognized as an effective option for patients with many missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures. Our team is uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of your dental implant treatment. We start with a comprehensive examination, and we coordinate your care throughout.

Enjoy the videos that highlight just a few of the patients we have helped with dental implants, and please give us a call to schedule your, no-obligation consultation.


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Success with Dental Implants

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Dental Implant with Sinus Lift

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Patients turn back the hands of time with dental implants replacing teeth they have lost over the years. Our dentists have received advanced training in the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants. A dental implant acts like the root of a tooth and is used to support crowns, bridges, partials and full dentures.

When you lose a tooth, your jawbone gradually loses strength and firmness. This promotes bone loss and sometimes even causes changes in facial features. Losing just one tooth can cause uneven chewing and an unstable bite. Remaining teeth shift and proper cleaning can become more difficult. A misaligned bite often contributes to TMJ disorders (jaw joint dysfunction) and headaches. A dental implant can prevent bone loss at the site of the missing tooth, unlike a denture or bridge.


Permanent Tooth Replacement

When a tooth is lost due to injury, decay, or gum disease, the bone tissue in the jaw begins to deteriorate over time. This is because the jaw bone requires stimulation from tooth roots in order to stay healthy. With dental implants, we can replace not only the visible portion of your missing tooth, but also replace the root permanently as well. Patients with dental implants can once again eat their favorite foods, speak with confidence, and share their smiles.

Implant-Secured Bridges

A bridge is a prosthetic tooth replacement option that restores the crown portion of one or more consecutive missing teeth. Using dental implants as secure anchors within the jaw bone, our team helps you restore your smile and your bite with an implant-secured bridge. The implants help to keep the jaw bone healthy while the carefully crafted restorations look and feel natural. Enjoy a beautifully restored smile with dental implants and a custom bridge.


Implant-Retained Dentures

Dentures that are secured to the jaw bone using dental implants are more comfortable and look more natural than traditional removable prosthetics, making them an ideal choice for men and women who prefer a sturdier and stronger tooth replacement option. The dental implants help to keep the jaw strong while the beautifully crafted dentures allow you to smile, speak, and eat with renewed confidence. You’ll love the dom and comfort that come with the placement of implant-retained dentures.

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are placed in the jaw where they fuse to the bone. Implants are effective for restoration of one missing tooth or several missing teeth. Previously, dentists relied on temporary measures to repair badly damaged teeth. Now, in many cases, implants that are restored with crowns will last longer and cost less than ongoing repair efforts.

Many of our patients tell us that having a dental implant placed is more comfortable than anticipated. Unlike teeth, implants are not sensitive to temperature or decay. Bone density determines whether the dental implant can be restored immediately. The implant may need to “sleep” and strengthen for several months before use. Allowing an implant to fuse to the jaw bone or “sleep” significantly adds to its strength.

Benefits of dental implants:

If you would like to permanently replace missing teeth or add retention to a loose fitting denture please ask us about your options with dental implants.

Dental Implant Aftercare

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