Virginia’s Story: How Veneers Made the Ultimate Difference

June 3, 2022 in Dentistry by McCarl Dental Group
patient with veneers

Are you thinking about having veneers in Greenbelt cover your smile imperfections? If so, you’re not alone. Many patients have turned to these semi-permanent restorations to enhance their appearance. One, in particular, Virginia, recently shared her story and feedback with the dental team at McCarl Dental Group. Listen to how instrumental Dr. Jay McCarl and his team were in giving her back her self-confidence and improving her day-to-day life.

Why Virginia Chose Veneers

Virginia Sutherlin hated her smile. After 37 years of living with dental bonding, she was unhappy with her appearance. Turning to this other form of cosmetic treatment (bonding) because of Tetracycline damage, she went decades hoping she might once again feel good about the way she looked.

When she realized it was time to do something about the health of her smile, she turned to Dr. Jay McCarl for cosmetic dentistry in Greenbelt. After a thorough examination, they discussed a few different treatment options before opting for veneers to be placed onto her upper teeth.

“My veneers were appropriately selected to be a subtle change, not a drastic contrast to the before, making me feel most comfortable with my new smile,” she remarked.

Virginia is overjoyed by the confidence she now has in her new smile. As a busy professional, she no longer has to hide her teeth but instead, is free to speak, eat, and smile with greater self-esteem.

Not to mention, she appreciates the time Dr. McCarl spent responding to her concerns and expressing a caring demeanor.

“They are flexible, caring, responsive, and have wonderful hours, which helps with my very busy work schedule and lifestyle,” she said.

For patients like Virginia who want a smile makeover in Greenbelt with the help of veneers, they can certainly be worth the time and money invested. As long as veneers are placed by a skilled dental professional, there’s no need to worry about the beautiful results you’ll receive in the end.

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