How McCarl Dental Group’s New CBCT Scanner is Helping with Dental Implant Treatment

August 14, 2021 in Dentistry by McCarl Dental Group
a CBCT scanner being used on patient

Dental technology is always evolving. With new equipment and devices being designed to improve patient comfort and satisfaction, it’s no surprise that dentists throughout the country are looking to outfit their offices with the latest and greatest. At McCarl Dental Group, we are pleased to provide a unique device known as a CBCT scanner. Used to create a more accurate and precise treatment plan for patients needing dental implants in Greenbelt, learn more about this advanced piece of technology and its many benefits.

What is the CBCT Scanner?

The Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner is the latest dental technology to arrive at McCarl Dental Group in Greenbelt. Using the Vatech Green CT 2 model, this device is designed to capture three-dimensional images of a patient’s oral and facial structures. Unlike two-dimensional panoramic radiographs that lacked the ability to see certain anatomical landmarks like the jaw or skull, the CBCT scanner produces clear, high-resolution images of the nerves, teeth, jaw, soft oral tissues, and skull.

How a CBCT is Used for Treatment Planning

The team at McCarl Dental Group uses the CBCT scanner to formulate treatment plans more accurately and precisely than ever before. Because of the clear imaging, dentists can easily prepare for dental implant placement, endodontic procedures (i.e., root canal treatment), and even pathology diagnosis.

For patients suffering from tooth loss, the CBCT scanner allows dentists to determine the ideal dental implant position as well as ensure there is enough bone width and height for the titanium implant posts to be properly placed. The device is even capable of assessing bone density, which can enhance the planning process. Not to mention, the CBCT scanner also helps our team to avoid any structural areas like nerves and the sinuses when planning where to place each dental implant.

Individuals who have severely decayed teeth and require root canal therapy can also benefit from this type of dental technology. How? The imaging captured by the CBCT scanner makes it possible for dentists to closely look at the nerve anatomy of a tooth, determining if root canal therapy is the recommended treatment of choice. By producing high-resolution images of localized areas, dental professionals can ensure the right method of care is provided.

Finally, the CBCT scanner can produce third-party pathology reports to ensure nothing is missed when diagnosing a patient with a particular oral health problem.

Is the CBCT Scanner Safe to Use?

Yes! When you compare the CBCT scanner to more traditional two-dimensional radiographs, you will find this new technology not only produces less radiation exposure (up to 10 times less than regular medical CT scanning) but it also:

  • Uses up to 70% less effective dose data as opposed to other CBCT devices
  • Allows for lower radiation exposure while continuing to produce high-resolution images that ensure a greater likelihood for successful clinical diagnosis
  • Can capture scans in 4.9 seconds with lower radiation exposure as opposed to the 7.0 seconds it takes with two-dimensions panoramic radiographs

When it comes to improving your oral health with the help of dental implants or even root canal therapy, you can trust that the CBCT scanner and the qualified team at McCarl Dental Group will ensure successful results.

About the McCarl Dental Group
The McCarl Dental Group consists of four dental experts who are committed to helping patients living in Greenbelt, MD, and its surrounding areas achieve their smile goals. Providing top-of-the-line dental technology, they believe in offering only the very best to their patients. With the new addition of the CBCT scanner, individuals with tooth loss or severely decayed teeth can expect a more thorough and accurate treatment plan that leads to long-lasting and life-changing results. If you want to embrace a better quality of life with help from a team of professionals you can trust, call our dental office today.