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The History of Dental Fillings

March 24, 2019 in Restorative Dentistry by mccarl_dental
Even Lisa McCarl's beautiful smiles has been treated with dental fillings.

Even Lisa McCarl’s beautiful smile has been treated with dental fillings.

Even the most diligent tooth brushers and flossers will likely experience some minor dental damage or tooth decay over the course of their lives. When it comes to correcting these small tooth flaws, dental fillings have been the go-to treatment for centuries. Actually, the first dental fillings on record were found within the smiles of prehistoric skeletal remains. Keep reading to learn more about the long and storied history of one of today’s most common and effective dental treatments. (more…)

Tips for New Denture Wearers

July 13, 2018 in Restorative Dentistry by mccarl_dental

If you’ve just gotten your first set of partial or full dentures, you’re likely experiencing a strange mix of emotions. You’re happy to be able to share a smile again. You’re worried about shifting teeth while eating meals in public with friends and family members, and you’re concerned you aren’t speaking clearly any longer. Most patients get used to their dentures fairly quickly, but if you’re struggling to adjust, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll discuss some tips to help you achieve ideal denture function, so you can speak, chew, or smile with complete confidence and comfort.