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Restorative Dentistry Gallery & Testimonials

Patient Testimonials for Greenbelt DentistVIRGINIA - Patient Since 2005

Virginia is a busy professional in corporate America who has a keen sense for detail, and who has always taken very good care of her teeth. She never liked the appearance of silver fillings. We replaced the silver fillings with high quality composite fillings that are just as strong as the silver, but now match her natural teeth. This attention to detail made all the difference for "Virg". Let her light shine!

"When I came to the McCarl Dental Group for the first time in September of 2005 I was treated with the utmost respect. My experiences have always been pleasant. The hygienists use state of the art cleaning tools that are painless for routine cleanings. The staff is always warm and friendly. The dentists are brilliant and up to date with dental care and new technologies. They also display a welcoming bedside manner."

"I am the type of person who is petrified of the dentist and I hate pain especially in my mouth. As a child I had over seven cavities in one visit and that experience made the rest of my dentist appointments emotionally and mentally challenging. Unfortunately, I am still getting cavities today and Dr. Jay has taken care of two of those cavities for me. He was so gentle and made a difficult experience very relaxing for me. I can honestly say it was painless. He treated me with great tenderness and had a deep concern for my recovery and the office later followed-up with a phone call to see how I was doing."

"The McCarl Dental Group is always accessible to take after hour calls as well. On several occasions after hours one of my family members has called Dr. Jay for a tooth ache and never did Dr. Jay seem aggravated only willing to help and figure out away to stop the pain. The McCarl Dental Group makes you feel like you are part of their "Group!""

LISA - Patient Since 1981

Lisa was blessed with a healthy, beautiful smile but had a few old, dark, metal fillings that were visible when she laughed and were distracting to her dentist husband. We replaced them with white tooth colored composite fillings. Her teeth are sensitive to many traditional tooth whitening products. We continuously research numerous brands and formulations of tooth whitening bleach to allow Lisa and all of our patients with sensitive teeth to lighten their smile in comfort.

"During the last 30 years I have received excellent dental care from all of the McCarl dentists and hygienists. They provide the highest quality of care with a gentle and kind demeanor. My dentist knows how to keep me smiling!"



HENRY - Patient Since 2006

Henry was blessed with straight, beautiful teeth. He needed minor restorative dentistry which we accomplished with esthetic white composite fillings. Old-style dark, amalgam fillings would have distracted from the natural appearance of his smile. The DayWhite professional whitening tray system worked beautifully to brighten his teeth a few shades and now Henry has a dazzling and irresistible smile!

"What I like best is the sense of family at McCarl Dental Group. I feel comfortable at this dental office because everyone is so approachable and friendly."

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