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Preventive Dentistry Gallery & Testimonials

APRIL - Patient Since 1984

April is special to us as she has been a patient with us since childhood. Now, as a young 20-something adult, her goal was to whiten her teeth to improve her smile in a way that was both conservative and cost effective. Our treatment plan included white composite fillings and a take home whitening kit. April was a perfect candidate for this kind of treatment and is enjoying a brighter, whiter smile by several shades!

"The first thing I always notice about a person is their smile, so maintaining a healthy smile is important to me. The condition of your teeth and smile say a lot about the type of person you are. When I recommend Drs. McCarl to people I always mention how kind everyone who works there is and about how they genuinely care about giving you the best care possible."

NANCY - Patient Since 2003

Nancy was referred to our office as a new patient by her husband. Previously, Nancy had traditional “bonding” that picked up stains over the years so that her teeth were several different shades. Nancy’s gums were also very visible when she smiled and her gum line was uneven. After periodontal surgery to improve the symmetry of her gum-line, we replaced the old bonding with porcelain crowns and veneers. We were not only able to give her teeth a more consistent and natural color; we also lengthened her teeth for a more attractive smile. We chose a lighter, brighter shade that would not pick up the stain or easily chip like the previous bonding. Nancy has an extremely youthful, energetic, and healthy smile that always brings her compliments.

"When I was unhappy with the color and shape of my teeth, my husband suggested I come to the McCarl Dental Group. That was over 6 years ago, and I can’t imagine going to any other dental practice. Dr. McCarl always takes the time to ask me if I have any concerns regarding my exams and treatment, and I’m thrilled with the work I’ve had done.

The entire staff at McCarl Dental Group is so friendly and welcoming. I feel comfortable from the moment I walk in the door. Dr. Clayton McCarl has been so accommodating with my travel schedule. He worked until 9 pm one evening to complete my new smile before my family vacation."

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