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Invisalign Smile Gallery & Testimonials

JACKIE - Patient Since 2005

Jackie has an active career with the need to present herself in business. She underwent orthodontics some years ago, but due to relapse developed some awkward spaces. The idea of repeating metal braces at this point was not appealing. We chose to treat with Invisalign to close the spaces and restore Jackie’s smile. The average Invisalign case is 9 – 15 months. Jackie’s case was completed in 11 months. She has commented that most people did not even know she was wearing Invisalign trays!

"Before my experience with McCarl Dental Group, I did not like showing my teeth when I smiled. My dental experience has enhanced my confidence. I now love showing my teeth when I smile and especially love taking photographs. I am so glad I decided to enhance my smile through Invisalign and I am pleased to have chosen McCarl Dental Group for my dental needs."

PATTI - Patient Since 2004

Patti came to us with healthy, beautifully shaped teeth. Her upper and lower front teeth were crowded and overlapped, but she was not interested in metal braces. When Invisalign became available it was the perfect solution. We moved just her upper and lower front teeth. It took only four months and most people didn’t even realize she was wearing the clear liners during that time. We also used her clear retainers as bleaching trays to whiten her smile, giving Patty a stunning and natural smile.

"At 54 and a professional working woman, I did not feel comfortable wearing traditional braces. Dr. Clayton suggested Invisalign. I did not hesitate. The process was less costly and less time consuming than conventional braces. People never knew about my treatment unless I chose to tell them about my invisible braces. The best advice I would give someone considering Invisalign is not to hesitate. You will be wearing a great big smile immediately."

NANCY - Patient Since 2004

Nancy had healthy, attractive teeth but she noticed, like many others, that her teeth had slightly shifted over the years. The movement of once straight teeth over time is a common occurrence. Invisalign is not just for extremely crooked teeth. It is also ideal for a minor tweaking or correction to return your smile to the appearance it once had, or fixing that minor problem that never seemed serious enough to merit metal braces. The shifted teeth were corrected and Nancy smiles confidently.

"My first intro to Dr. McCarl was social and he impressed me with a "movie star wattage" smile. First good sign. After talking with him awhile, I decided to make the appointment and visit the very nearby office. As a new resident to the area, this was a second good sign. Well, the dental office was nicely furnished, well decorated, with good magazines that I didn’t get to read, because I was called AT THE APPOINTED TIME, and what a bonus that is for a busy professional! So that was the start of a beautiful relationship with Clayton, and his wife Lisa, I should add. Though all these good signs are just part of the picture of a well-run dental practice that seems to treat the whole patient as a friend, not just a set of teeth, it goes deeper than first impressions. These are considerate, competent professionals devoted to their patient’s well being, crafting bright and beautiful smiles, one at a time. I asked Clayton to treat me some years later with Invisalign braces, and I have been happy with the results of my straightened out smile. Not bad for an older patient---still older but with good choppers..."

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