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Emergency Dental Care Smile Gallery & Testimonials

CAT - Patient Since 2004

A damaged or broken front tooth is extremely embarrassing. It is important to be able to see a patient right away to repair their tooth so they can smile with confidence. At McCarl Dental Group, we treat a broken front tooth as a dental emergency and strive to offer same day dental care. It is also important to take the time needed to properly match that front tooth to adjacent teeth. If a crown is needed, it should be all porcelain with no metal to create optimum lifelike translucency. We offer custom color matching with shades specific to adjacent teeth. If the crown is not a "great" match when it comes back from the dental lab, we send it back for modifications. We typically get an excellent match the first time. We never settle for "okay" on front tooth esthetics.

"I never realized how much I valued the ability to smile with confidence until I broke my front tooth. I wasn't in any pain, but Dr. Clayton McCarl still treated it as an emergency and fixed me right up with a temporary crown. Soon after, Dr. Clayton took a mold and fitted me with a permanent crown that perfectly matched my other front tooth in color. I visited other I visited other dentists when I lived outside of Maryland, and each commented on the quality work that Dr. Clayton did on my crown.  The same outstanding level of care and talent is applied to all of my dental needs from the doctors, hygienists, and staff at McCarl Dental.”

ELLEN - Patient Since 2004

Ellen sustained a traumatic blow to her front teeth years ago requiring root canal therapy and crowns. When she and her family became patients, we discussed many new options and advances in cosmetic dentistry. Even the best porcelain fused to metal crowns of yesterday create dark lines by the gum and are no match for the newer all porcelain crowns of today. Our treatment plan included removal of old metal crowns, replacing them with advanced porcelain crowns that are translucent like natural teeth. We also chose to bleach the natural teeth and matched them with the new crowns for an overall bright and decidedly natural restoration completing a dazzling new smile that she loves!

"I appreciate the amazing customer service at McCarl Dental Group - it exceeds all expectations. It is an impeccably run office!! Love that I never have to wait. I love that if I have any emergency, I have complete confidence it will be handled promptly and personally! Can't beat that! I love that I can bring my kids and we can all have our appointments at the same time, no worries there, the kids LOVE it- this is especially great for the mother on the go!"

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