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Dental Implants Smile Gallery & Testimonials

CAROLYN - Patient Since 2003

Carolyn is a high profile professional with an active family life. She wanted to improve her smile but was not sure how. We determined that with porcelain veneers we could change the architectural contours as well as improve the color of her teeth. The combined result is a smile that is natural, balanced and bright. Results of this kind of smile makeover are always enhanced by the confidence of the person wearing it!

"I have benefited from restorative and cosmetic dentistry. The corrective dentistry, specifically my two lower molar implants, strengthened my jaw bones, consequently improving my bite and virtually eliminating my TMJ issues. And as a side, I benefited aesthetically with improved facial symmetry. My veneers are beautiful and look very natural. I get compliments constantly on my "beautiful" smile. I recommend updating your smile instead of going under the knife for a more youthful look! I have a confident smile and I have never been more open to taking photographs while grinning widely. Granted, I may be friendly by nature, but my improved appearance always takes the interaction a step further. I used to have major anxiety going to the dentist. McCarl Dental Group, particularly Dr. Jay McCarl and his team, have been patient with me like no other dental practice. I’m sticking with you guys! Finally, I love the convenience of the two offices – one is close to home, the other close to work."

AUGUSTINE - Patient Since 2010

Removable bridges (also called removable partial dentures) use metal clasps on remaining teeth for retention and often extend across the roof of the mouth to stabilize the bridge. Removable bridges are effective and economical ways to replace multiple missing teeth, however many patients don’t like visible metal clasps or the plastic retainer across the roof of the mouth.

When someone does not have enough natural teeth for permanent bridge retention, implants can be added to secure and retain the bridge. Dental implants can allow the option of a fixed or permanent bridge.

Augustine sustained an injury to her mouth as a child that resulted in losing several front teeth. Her goal was to restore her smile with permanent crowns and bridges and eliminate her removable partial plate. Dental implants were placed to join her remaining natural teeth to anchor permanent restorations. Now she smiles with confidence. No metal clasps that show, nothing across the roof of her mouth and nothing removable that restricts food choices. Augustine has a smile that lights up the room.

"If you are looking for a dentist, go no further than the McCarl Dental Group office in Greenbelt. Dr. McCarl is the most skilled, effective and efficient dentist that I have had since I broke a tooth as a child and continued to need major dental work.

My first arrival at the McCarl office was very positive. The staff was very caring, attentive, and helpful. The kindness was not just focused on me but extended to other patients in the office as well. Positive relationships between staff were also noted. His respect for the office staff was obvious. If you're looking for a dentist, go no further than the McCarl's office. You will find the most skilled, effective and efficient dentist in the area.

I always leave the office feeling satisfied with the excellent care and am still overjoyed that I have such a beautiful smile and a complete job on my teeth.

I continue to recommend Dr. McCarl if you need dental work. Whether it is just cleaning, implants, fillings or any form of replacement, he is the dentist to see. Dr. McCarl will evaluate and propose a plan, but encourages your input in developing the plan of action. I am so happy to have a complete and amazingly beautiful smile. I am overjoyed with my new teeth and big smile."

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