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Cosmetic Dentistry Gallery & Testimonials

ANN - Patient Since 2012

Ann is a joy to have as a patient. She allowed us to earn her trust by showing her how we combine gentle compassionate care with advances in modern dentistry to make dental procedures as comfortable as possible and often painless. Root canals, crowns and porcelain veneers are specific procedures that can lead to an amazing smile transformation. Sometimes before we can transform a smile, we need to help new patients overcome anxiety and fear. It was gratifying watch Ann transform from fearful of dental care to confident. Ann had a wonderful positive experience with her smile makeover.

"The greatest compliment I can give Dr. McCarl is that nobody can tell I had cosmetic dentistry. People tell me I look great, but they aren’t sure what has changed. My smile makeover looks so natural that no one can figure out what is different about me. My daughter in law asked if I lost weight, my son thought I had changed my hairstyle. For the first time I can smile in pictures. I actually had to learn how to smile. It was such a habit to keep my mouth closed so my teeth wouldn't show. My smile makeover is the best investment I have ever made - and not just for cosmetic reasons. As a nurse I know how detrimental dental disease can be to a person's health. Unpleasant childhood memories and fears kept me from consistent dental care for 35 years.  Dr. McCarl and his kind and patient staff spent several visits getting to know me in a nonjudgmental environment.   Going to the dentist used to be absolutely terrifying for me. I only went when a tooth got so painful I couldn't stand it anymore. Then I would be given gas or put to sleep, and the tooth would be pulled out. I was seriously waiting for the day when they all fell out or got pulled out and I ended up with dentures. Going to the dentist was always humiliating because my teeth were in such bad shape. Dr. McCarl is the only dentist I've been to that I didn't feel was disgusted in me for letting my teeth get so bad. I know scared patients can be difficult patients. He's actually the only dentist that ever asked me to come back for a second visit. Dr McCarl and his staff are so kind, and they have so much patience. I wish everyone that has a phobia about seeing dentists would see Dr McCarl. It's absolutely amazing to get over that fear."

ANNE - Patient Since 1984

Anne was uncomfortable with the changes in her smile over the years. Everyone’s teeth darken, wear down and shift with time. Anne also experienced crowding of her lower teeth. Crowded teeth are more difficult to clean and can lead to gum disease. Dental restorations also age with time and sometimes older dental work needs to be replaced. To restore the health and improve the appearance of Anne’s smile we straightened her lower teeth with Invisalign orthodontics and replaced aging dental work with porcelain crowns and veneers. With the advanced procedures and technologies available today, smile makeovers yield better results than ever.

Anne leads a very active life with boating, race committee, gardening, exercising, docent duties and time with many friends. Her new smile reflects the energy and love for life that Anne brings to each new day. It is a pleasure for me to see her so happy with her new smile. - Dr. Clayton McCarl, Jr.

“I’ve been really excited with the results of my smile makeover. My teeth were getting darker and worn down and my lower teeth have progressively gotten more crowded and harder to brush. I noticed I was trying to keep my lower teeth covered when I smiled. Now I have a big, beautiful smile of which I’m very proud. With my new magic veneers, gone forever is that old lady smile and the dark teeth. It’s like a miracle to me!”

“The entire McCarl Dental staff has been very supportive and helpful and I’ve found the smile makeover process remarkably easy and comfortable. Thank you for your kind, gentle and compassionate care. Several of my friends have had smile makeovers at McCarl Dental Group and are thrilled with their beautiful smiles too.”

KURT - Patient Since 2007

When Kurt first came to our office he had several concerns. He was missing a chewing molar in the back of his mouth, his teeth were crowded, and had darkened over time (especially one front tooth). Dr. Mattson and Kurt talked through many treatment ideas. They decided to start by making him a bridge that would attach to some of his other teeth and give Kurt an artificial tooth to chew on where he had lost his molar. Kurt could have a temporary bridge made that day, and a final bridge was cemented less than three weeks later. He would not have to take the bridge in and out like a partial denture. Dr. Mattson chose a bridge that had no metal in it, so Kurt's bridge looked like natural teeth. When it came time to work on Kurt's other concerns, he knew that he did not want to wear metal braces. He loved the way his new bridge looked and felt so real. Kurt decided to redo his smile with a series of crowns, veneers and another lower front tooth bridge.

“My grandmother always told me, "Take care of your teeth." Well, I had neglected mine. I knew I'd better get going. So, I called 1-800- Dentist and asked them to find me a board certified dentist in my area. They referred me to the McCarl Group. At my first appointment, I was greeted at the door the very professional and friendly staff who got my insurance information. I was then directed to a hygienist who cleaned my teeth and took ex-rays. Then I met my dentist Monica Matson, DDS. After Dr. Matson examined my teeth, she discussed with me my dental needs and how we should proceed. Monica, as I have come to call her, is very kind and assuring. I felt totally comfortable in her care. After a while I had a healthy mouth. However, after seeing pictures of myself at a baseball game, I was not satisfied with how my teeth looked. They had yellowed over the years and had never been straight. I could face years of braces and whitening treatments or I could go the route of porcelain veneers. Because of my confidence in Dr. Matson, I chose the latter. She is a self-avowed perfectionist. Again, Monica told me how we would proceed and what I could expect. Well, that was 6 years ago. You can see by my pictures the results. I am extremely satisfied!”

LORIE - Patient Since 2012

From Dr. Jay: Lorie had healthy teeth, but not straight or especially white teeth. I believe it caused her to hold back her smile in photos. She came to a transition period of her life with her son out of college and living and working out of the area. Lorie wanted to enhance her overall image especially with respect to her role in public speaking and as a financial consultant. This new and exciting direction triggered a desire for a smile upgrade. After some planning and preparation at our office, she decided it was time. We did porcelain veneers for Lorie to help her better project a professional image that was consistent with her career direction: brighter and heading upward!

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done with my dental work! I am very happy with my veneers and my new smile!

During the child-rearing years, there were so many demands on me and my time that I seldom paid any serious attention to my appearance. My teeth were crowded and a little discolored; my smile was not terribly bad but neither was it beautiful. I never liked my smile and had always considered myself unphotogenic. Once over 50 and with the most demanding part of the child rearing years behind me, I decided to revisit my appearance. It was time.

You suggested veneers as a cosmetic solution to my crowded and dull teeth but I was hesitant. In retrospect, I recognize I carried some fear of changing the status quo in my mouth, a little concern about whether there might be pain and also a concern about the wisdom of such a "frivolous" expense (I'm a financial advisor!). But quickly I came to appreciate my broader and brighter smile, and my subtly increased confidence due to this improvement. The change was not a stark difference, it was subtle.

Most people did not notice the change in the teeth, but people did comment more often that I looked good. Was it because of my improved smile? Or maybe it was because of my enhanced confidence, or maybe just that I smiled more. I will never know for sure, but I do know I am quite happy with my new smile. And I will never again shy away from a camera!

Thank you Dr. Jay and staff for your help and care during the process!"

LASZLO - Patient Since 2012

Like most people, Laszlo's teeth had darkened with age. His bite was such that normal wear and chipping on his front teeth were accelerated. He was told by several other dentists that that same bite prevented him from restoring his teeth with veneers. Although it presented a challenge, we were able to lighten and lengthen his teeth with thin veneers. We lightly smoothed the surfaces of his teeth and took impressions. There was no need for Novocain or temporary crowns. Three weeks later his thin veneers were placed. Before, he barely showed the tips of dark, chipped and worn front teeth. Now he beams with a big, bright, youthful smile.

"I am a recent recipient of a beautiful set of veneers done by Clayton McCarl, fulfilling a long dream of mine to have a full smile showing a nice set of teeth. Dr. McCarl's artistry and vision to know the process to create that look is amazing! Having a difficult under bite I had been told by other doctors that it would be impossible and yet, Dr. McCarl assured me that this was, in fact, doable and with very positive results. His wonderful disposition and total understanding of the process gave me a look and smile that I thought was only a dream. Well, he made this dream come true and I can't believe after all these years I can now comfortably be in pictures and feel confident enough to smile. I feel very fortunate to have found this practice and have Dr. Clayton McCarl as my dentist. Smiling is now a pleasure!"

ALEXX - Patient Since 2012

Alexx had spaces between otherwise attractive, healthy teeth. The spaces existed because the teeth were too small for his mouth - a problem orthodontics could not fix. Porcelain veneers to increase the size of his teeth were the answer. Alexx was hesitant to drill down his teeth for traditional veneers or crowns and in this case so were we.

New advancements in thin porcelain allowed us to improve his smile with no-prep (no drill) veneers. No Novocain. No drilling. No dental temporaries. We helped Alexx select an ideal color for his teeth and made impressions. At his next dental appointment, his thin veneers were cemented in place. No-prep, thin veneers are only appropriate in some cases. When they are, they provide an easy way to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

"Dr. McCarl is a great talent and a true artist and master of his craft. During my consultation he presented realistic options and made recommendations without ever seeming pushy. After deciding to undergo a no prep veneer procedure he and his staff provided me with personalized attention every step of the way. The results not only met my expectations but far exceeded them. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. McCarl is one of the best, bar none! "

LINDA - Patient Since 2006

Linda has a lively family and busy work schedule. Her teeth were internally stained by antibiotics in her youth. Because of this and some unwanted spaces, she never liked her smile and asked us for options to improve things cosmetically. She was at a point where she was willing to change the color, shape and smile line. To do this, we created upper and lower porcelain veneers for Linda. The results were successful and quite dramatic!

"It makes me tear up when I say this but I value everything about my smile! I’ve have had MAJOR dental work done over the years and while some things Dr. Jay didn’t do, he has had to fix numerous issues from my past dentists. We discussed my options and we came to the conclusion that I needed this done, not just for me but also for the health of my teeth! Dr. Jay has been a wonderful dentist, his office has been extremely professional and a pleasure to work with over the past four years! Dr. Jay makes the trip to the dentist fun. He warms your heart and eases your anxiety! Thanks to the entire McCarl Dental Group!"

SUZANNE - Patient Since 2009

Suzanne was dissatisfied with the appearance of her smile as her teeth were wearing down. Everyone’s teeth wear down over time, some faster than others. Porcelain veneers were an excellent way to restore, reshape and improve the strength and color of Suzanne’s teeth. The treatment allowed us to turn back the hands of time and give her a stronger, more youthful and radiant smile.

"I went to Clayton McCarl because he has a lot of experience doing veneers. I was so pleased with the results. I am not sure who was more excited, Clayton or I. I am not self-conscious about my teeth any more. But old habits are hard to break. I am still working on opening my mouth wider when I talk. I have been told that I mumble. Also, I do smile a lot more."


KAREN - Patient Since 1996

Karen’s career as a TV producer for America’s Most Wanted is demanding on many levels. Being in television puts her in the public eye and everything about her smile needs to say success, organization and efficiency. Veneers help her smile say that and more.

"Dr McCarl gave me veneers that are beautiful. I get so many compliments. I truly value my smile because it tells others that I am a warm, caring and fun person. I like to smile because no matter how bad of a day I am having when I smile it makes me and others feel good even if it’s just for a few minutes. A smile is worth a thousands words and is one expression that doesn't have to be followed by words."

"The McCarl group is very professional and up to date on the latest technology. I didn't have to travel the country looking for the best dentist. He was right in my backyard. The McCarl group is very personal. All of my children go there and are taken care of as if they were going to visit their grandparents."

RHONDA - Patient Since 2004

Rhonda’s smile was not balanced and her teeth were not visible when she smiled. Porcelain veneers were a perfect solution for her teeth both cosmetically and structurally. The veneers lengthened and straightened her teeth and restored symmetry in her smile line. Rhonda’s new smile line has a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of her face. Her veneers not only improve her smile, they also enhance her naturally beautiful facial features.

"Before I got my porcelain veneers I was embarrassed to smile big and now I smile with my teeth showing all the time. I want to thank Dr. Mccarl for making this possible. Your staff is very personable and made the procedure comfortable and pain free. I have and will always recommend you to my family and friends."


CECILY - Patient Since 2005

Cecily did not like the color of her teeth and they never responded to conventional tooth whitening procedures. In addition, one of her front teeth was darker than the rest and the shapes were not even. With porcelain veneers, we permanently whitened and straightened her smile in just two visits. Her smile makes others want to smile!

"I always hated to see my teeth when I smiled for pictures because they were so yellow. Even with whiteners I could not get them any whiter. Dr. McCarl suggested veneers to cover a front tooth that was dark and said I could also fix my other front teeth that showed when I smiled. I treated six teeth and couldn't be happier with my white smile now!"


JIM - Patient Since 2003

Jim is a busy executive who values a great smile. Veneers accomplished all of our dental goals in just a few weeks. Some people dream about accomplishing things. Jim turns dreams into reality and makes things happen.

"I love my smile because it looks and feels natural. I actually look forward to my dental appointments at McCarl Dental Group and enjoy catching up with everyone here."


DAN - Patient Since 2003

Dan "went the distance" for a winning smile that conveys his confidence and success. We presented dental treatment options and Dan selected a combination of orthodontics and porcelain veneers that would give him the best possible outcome. Orthodontic treatment successfully aligned teeth that were severely crowded and in poor position. We then used porcelain veneers to correct tooth shape and size discrepancies. Dan now has a fabulous smile! In business and in life, Dan does what it takes to get the very best results.

"I have been a long time patient of the McCarl Family Dental Practice and, I would like to provide the following testimonial about their dental services. Throughout my life I was always complimented on my engaging demeanor and outgoing personality but, unfortunately, I never had the smile to go along with it. I always desired to have a better smile but, as an adult, was intimidated by what it would take to accomplish it. Dr. Clayton McCarl gave me the confidence and, professional guidance I needed to have the smile I always desired.

As a result of Dr. McCarl's dental care, I now have a new smile that I am very proud of. Prior to receiving my new "McCarl Dental" smile, I rarely showed my teeth in photos. Now, I never hesitate to say "cheese" when my photograph is being taken. I have the confidence to smile wide and show off my new smile that now matches my personality.

Additionally, I enjoy going to my routine dental exams at McCarl Dental, they have removed the anxiety one typically experiences when going to the dentist. It is an established practice that truly gives you the feel of an "old time" family practice but, with current, "state of the art" technology and, dental practices. It’s always good to see familiar faces when I visit. Over the years, we have become more than the routine patient-dental service provider-they treat me like "family". Thanks to all of the members of the McCarl Family Dental practice for helping me attain the smile that I always desired and, making my dental care a friendly, comfortable visit. As always, I look forward to seeing you all at my next appointment."

JOANI - Patient Since 2010

Joani’s career has taken her from helping people one on one, to small groups, to over a dozen television appearances. Her natural teeth were gray and did not respond to professional whitening. When an accident to her front teeth necessitated crowns, a previous dentist commented that the crowns matching her natural teeth were the greyest he had ever made. Joani’s smile was also set back in her mouth and hidden in a shadow cast by her face making her teeth appear even darker.

Joani chose McCarl Dental Group to help give her a smile appropriate for her career with the public. After in-depth review and consultation, Dr. McCarl recommended using a combination of porcelain crowns and veneers to whiten the color of her teeth and give them a fuller shape to bring them out of the shadows where they can be seen and appreciated by everyone she meets. Joani’s new smile is beautiful and natural and conveys warmth, confidence and success.

Joani Gammill RN and Board Certified Alcohol and Drug Interventionist.

“My smile became increasingly important to me as I started to speak publicly and appear on national TV shows. It was not just a matter a vanity; it became a necessity for career advancement. After doing the Dr. Phil Show over a dozen times, I had some of my own material pitched to different networks. I was flat out told, my work was great, but my teeth and smile were not up to their standard. Lucky for me the McCarl group and specifically Dr. Clayton McCarl, and his wife Lisa were much kinder when suggesting what I needed to improve my smile! After consulting with three dentists I choose the McCarl group to do my complete mouth restoration. My decision was based largely on Dr. McCarl. His knowledge and confidence about the process was evident from the beginning. Also his wife Lisa expertly informed me of the lab that they use for making the crowns. You can have a great dentist, but if the product they are using is inferior you are not getting the best result. Another factor in choosing the McCarl group was based on the price for the work. It was a fair and realistic price for the work to be done. I could not be happier with my smile. I get compliments all the time. My favorite and most heard compliment is “They look like your teeth.” That is exactly what I wanted, beautiful teeth that did not look fake. Thank you Dr. McCarl, Lisa McCarl and the great staff.”

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