How One Patient Achieved Greater Functionality With Implant Dentures by McCarl Dental Group

June 7, 2021 in Dentistry by McCarl Dental Group
a patient of McCarl Dental Group who received implant dentures in Greenbelt, MD

Individuals living with tooth loss understand the challenges that come with eating, speaking, and smiling. Not only does your body not receive the nutrients it needs because of the inability to consume healthy foods, but speech can be slurred, and bone deterioration can lead to changes in the facial shape, resulting in an aging appearance. One patient at McCarl Dental Group, however, decided it was time to make a change and eventually achieved greater functionality with the help of implant dentures. Read her story to learn how these revolutionary prosthetics can help you embrace a better quality of life.

A Patient’s Story

Throughout her entire life, this particular female patient experienced problems with her smile. Suffering from continuous dental pain, her natural teeth became worn down and broken, resulting in tooth loss. To try and recapture a complete smile, she wore a partial denture to replace her back teeth but all of that changed the moment she arrived at McCarl Dental Group and received teeth in a day.

Our team examined her oral cavity and facial structure to identify the problem areas before capturing digital impressions using our advanced iTero scanner as well as photos and models. These images allowed us to accurately plan her treatment and map out her final smile. The process included extracting her remaining teeth and placing newly created dentures the same day. It also required surgically placing four dental implants into her jawbone to create a solid and firm foundation for her new restoration. After several months of recovery and allowing the implants to fuse with the bone and surrounding tissues, her same dentures were snapped into place on top of her dental implants, making it easier for her to take them in and out. This is also referred to as “snap in teeth.”

The entire process only required one appointment before the day of her surgery, which consisted of planning her new snap in smile. The second visit involved the actual placement of her dental implants and dentures on the same day.

Is the Process the Same for All Patients?

At McCarl Dental Group, each patient’s case is different, so, no, the process is not the same for each individual. Our team of dentists will carefully examine each person’s teeth and facial structure before determining the appropriate steps to create a complete, longer-lasting smile. Our advanced dental technology and equipment allow us to obtain high-resolution images so that we can craft a plan that is accurate and precise when it’s time to place each dental implant.

Depending on the severity of tooth loss, a patient may or may not be required to have their teeth removed before undergoing dental implant surgery and receiving new dentures. If all teeth are missing and the individual is wearing a denture, we may be able to use a retrofit denture, which requires taking the existing prosthetic and refitting it so that it will attach to the dental implant posts.

No matter the situation, our team at McCarl Dental Group will personalize each treatment plan to ensure optimal results.

About the McCarl Dental Group
The McCarl Dental Group consists of four dental experts who are committed to helping patients living in Millersville, MD, and Greenbelt, MD, and the surrounding areas achieve their smile goals. Offering dentures and dental implants as viable methods of treatment for complete tooth loss, our team will carefully plan and create your new smile in a way that offers improved functionality, better oral health, and greater longevity. If you’re looking for a trusted implant dentist near you, call our dental office today.