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September 8, 2011 in Dental Hygiene,Dentistry by McCarl Dental Group

Advances in Dental Hygiene

We have seven very talented dental hygienists who work at our dental offices in Greenbelt and Millersville Maryland.

Greenbelt and Millersville Maryland Dental Hygienists

Greenbelt and Millersville Maryland Dental Hygienists at McCarl Dental Group


Recent years have shown tremendous strides in the advancement of technology in the area of dental hygiene. The Dental Hygienists at McCarl Dental Group stay current with the latest advancements so they are able to deliver the highest quality dental hygiene care.  Several of our hygienists have worked at McCarl Dental Group for more than 20 years! Our patients always give fabulous reviews of their dental hygiene care. Because prevention and early intervention is key at your professional dental cleanings with the hygienists at McCarl Dental Group, we want to take a moment to share some of the technological steps that preventative dentistry is making.

  • Desensitization

For patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity that does not require restorative dental treatment, desensitizing agents are now more effective than ever.  McCarl Dental Hygienists can apply topical gels that make your teeth “pain free.” Fluoride varnish helps block the pain receptors of the hypersensitive tooth surface. Our dentists can also provide prescription strength fluoride toothpaste for everyday use. This allows patients to eat and drink without associated tooth sensitivity and helps ensure dental comfort between dental appointments.

  • Digital Radiography

In the beginning of dental radiography, x-ray films had to be dip processed in 3 separate tanks with chemicals that allowed the films to be viewed. This development process took 20 minutes. Electric processors shortened this time dramatically, usually developing an x-ray within 5-7 minutes after being placed in the machine. In the 21st century with digital radiography, the images are ready for viewing in an instant. McCarl Dental Group uses digital radiography machines for several types of x-rays. This shortens the time it takes to view x-rays and decreases radiation exposure to our patients. While the exposure levels with traditional films were already safe, digital radiography lowers exposure even more. The detail and resolution of digital radiographs is of extremely high quality, and the files can be sent electronically to other dental professionals or insurance companies.

  • Local and Systemic Delivered Medications

For patients who suffer from periodontal disease, in addition to procedures such as Scaling and Root Planing, local delivery of medication to areas with advanced bone loss can improve healing as well as encourage tissue attachment and bone regeneration. (1) These medications are placed below the gum surface into the infected pocket area, and are delivered through fibers, gels, chips, ointments and microspheres.

Recent studies also show that Statin drugs, commonly used to control blood cholesterol, are suggested to improve tissue attachment on the root surfaces of teeth, and encourage bone growth. (2) Azithromycin, another orally delivered medication, has also been shown to improve the success in Scaling and Root Planing therapy. (3)

At McCarl Dental Group  we strive to provide state of the art, quality preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental care to each of our patients. To find out more about the advanced dental care we offer in Millersville, MD and Greenbelt, MD, please call us at (410) 987-8800 or (301) 474-4144.


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