How often Should I have Dental Hygiene Appointments?

December 22, 2011 in Dental Hygiene by McCarl Dental Group
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At McCarl Dental Group we recommend that all patients see one of our registered dental hygienists for routine prophylactic cleaning appointments at least every 6 months. For patients with gum disease we may recommend visits every 3-4 months. Our hygienists work with each one of our patients to ensure that they maintain optimum gum health, which means keeping their teeth healthier for years to come. With extensive training in the removal of tartar and plaque from the tooth surfaces and below the gums, dental hygienists play an active role in fighting periodontal disease.

Many people believe that if they do not have problems with their teeth, they do not need to have their teeth cleaned by a hygienist and examined by a dentist. This can mean a couple of years quickly turns into 5, 10, or even 15 before some people have another dental exam. Unfortunately, for most of these people, waiting longer between visits means unhealthy gums and sometimes very rampant tooth decay.

When plaque is missed from irregular flossing, it hardens and becomes tartar under the gumline. This contributes significantly to the destruction of gum and bone attachment levels around your teeth. Eventually this uncontrolled gum disease, correctly known as periodontal disease, can lead to tooth loss.  Through routine cleaning appointments and screenings, patients can help prevent conditions including periodontal disease and advanced tooth decay.

The hygienists at McCarl Dental Group work with each individual patient to help them create an oral hygiene regimen that will work best for their own needs. Fifty percent of tooth and gum health comes from what you’re doing at home. Because every person’s mouth is different, so are his or her home care needs. What works for one person may not work for the next.

Hygienists don’t just clean teeth or check for suspicious areas of decay. They also screen for oral cancer and precancerous lesions of the mouth, head and neck.  Many medical conditions and diseases of the human body first manifest themselves as symptoms that are seen in the mouth. Because people are more likely to see their hygienists for routine cleanings as opposed to annual physical exams with their doctor, many conditions are first found in the dental office. Many Dental Hygienists also offer nutritional counseling because of the vital connection between overall health and oral health.

McCarl Dental Group hygienists help promote and safeguard your overall health and wellness. If you’re behind on your dental hygienist visits, it’s better to be late than never. Contact us today to schedule your biannual cleaning appointment. You can reach our Millersville, Maryland dental office at (410) 987- 8800 or our Greenbelt, Maryland dental office at (310) 474-4144. You may also request an appointment online at