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Porcelain Veneers – Thin or No Prep and Traditional

February 14, 2013 in Cosmetic Dentistry,Porcelain Veneers,Thin Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Are You Happy With Your Smile?
We all know that a beautiful and healthy smile makes us more attractive.  Did you know that smiling can also help you feel better?  According to Dr. Mark Stibich, smiling helps reduce your stress level, boosts your immune system,  releases endorphins, our body’s natural pain killers and lowers blood pressure. Smiling helps improve our mood and keeps us from looking tired, overwhelmed, and worn down.

A smiling person brings happiness with them and  helps others feel better. Dr. Robin Smith says a smile is so powerful and contagious your life may change for the better once you start smiling.

At McCarl Dental Group, we specialize in healthy beautiful smiles for a lifetime. A beautiful and healthy smile expresses warmth, confidence and success. However, many people feel extremely self-conscious about their smile. If you do not smile because you are embarrassed by your teeth, there are many options available to give you an attractive and confident smile.

Lorie after Porcelain Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Lorie after Porcelain Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Lorie did not like to smile for the camera

Lorie did not like to smile for the camera

Our dental patient Lorie chose porcelain veneers to improve her smile. She said, “My teeth were crowded and a little discolored and considered myself unphotogenic. A relaxed confident smile is important as a public speaker and financial consultant.  After reviewing options with Dr. McCarl and serious consideration, I chose porcelain veneers to give me a smile consistent with my professional image. I am very happy with my veneers and my new smile and will never again shy away from a camera!”

Porcelain veneers improve your teeth’s appearance by making them look straighter, and also whiter; creating a natural-looking and beautiful smile in just two visits. Veneers are more than cosmetic, they can improve the health, form and function of the mouth. Crooked teeth can be difficult to clean and are more prone to tooth decay and gum disease.

Porcelain veneers are an excellent solution for a variety of conditions including:
•    crooked teeth
•    spaces
•    gaps
•    worn or chipped teeth
•    stained or discolored teeth
•    teeth that are too small or too large
Veneers are more durable and effective than bonding, and are a more conservative procedure than crowns.

Thin veneers (also called no-preparation veneers), are also a great option for a natural-looking, beautiful smile. Thin, no prep veneers are ideal for teeth that are worn down, small or unevenly shaped and teeth that have spaces between them. These veneers can also be an excellent solution for replacing old cosmetic bonding.

A dentist experienced in placing thin veneers can create a beautiful smile with NO drilling, No needles and No Novacain!

Laszlo after Thin No Preparation Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Laszlo after Thin No Preparation Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Laszlo had worn down, chipped teeth that had darkened over the years

Laszlo had worn down, chipped teeth that had darkened over the years

Like most people, Laszlo’s teeth had darkened with age.  His bite was such that normal wear and chipping on his front teeth were accelerated. He was told by several other dentists that that same bite prevented him from restoring his teeth with veneers.  Although it presented a challenge, we were able to lighten and lengthen his teeth with thin, minimal preparation veneers.  We lightly smoothed the surfaces of his teeth and took impressions.  There was no need for Novacain or temporary crowns. A few weeks later his thin veneers were placed. Before, his smile barely showed the tips of dark, chipped and worn front teeth.  Now he beams with a big, bright, youthful smile.

Laszlo said, “I am a recent recipient of a beautiful set of thin veneers done by Dr. McCarl, fulfilling a long dream of mine to have a full smile showing a nice set of teeth. Dr. McCarl’s artistry and vision to know the process to create that look is amazing! Having a difficult under bite I had been told by other doctors that it would be impossible and yet, Dr. McCarl assured me that this WAS possible and with very positive results. His wonderful disposition and total understanding of the process gave me a look and smile that I thought was only a dream. Well, he made this dream come true and I can’t believe after all these years I am comfortable in pictures and feel confident enough to smile. I feel very fortunate to have found this practice and have Dr. McCarl as my dentist. Smiling is now a pleasure!”

Call 410-987-8800 or 301-474-4144 to contact the dentists at the Millersville Maryland and Greenbelt Maryland dental offices of the McCarl Dental Group www.McCarlDental about ways to keep your smile looking and feeling great. Everyone deserves a HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL SMILE!

Greenbelt Dentist talks about Thin Porcelain Veneers

August 25, 2012 in Cosmetic Dentistry,Thin Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Thin Dental Veneers – beautiful, quick and more affordable!

McCarl Patient after thin veneers

McCarl Patient after no prep veneers

Everyone loves a beautiful smile! This dental patient used to have spaces between otherwise attractive, healthy teeth. The spaces existed because the teeth were too small for his mouth – a problem that could not fixed by straightening the teeth with orthodontic dentistry. Thin porcelain veneers to increase the size of his teeth were the answer.

McCarl Patient before no prep veneers

McCarl Patient before no prep veneers

New advancements in thin porcelain veneers allowed us to improve his smile with no-prep veneers. No Novocain.  No drilling. No dental temporaries.  We helped our patient select an ideal color for his teeth and made impressions.  At his next dental appointment, his thin veneers were cemented in place.

No prep veneers also known as thin porcelain veneers can be made as thin as .03 millimeters. Thin veneers are ideal for teeth that are small or unevenly shaped and teeth that have spaces between them. Thin veneers are also often an excellent solution for replacing old cosmetic bonding.  With thin veneers, we not need to reduce the size of teeth as we would to prepare for traditional veneers or crowns.

These “no prep” veneers make smile makeovers possible without drilling. The dentist lightly smooths the surface of your teeth and makes an impression. There is no need for Novocain or dental temporaries.  That is why thin veneers are often called “no-preparation veneers.” Two to three weeks later your veneers are cemented in place.

Contact the McCarl Dental Group at Shipley’s Choice, 8601 Veterans Hwy, Millersville MD 21108, (410) 987-8800 or the McCarl Dental Group, 28 Ridge Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770, (301) 474-4144  to learn your options for improving your smile and to see if you are a candidate for no prep thin veneers.

Here is what this patient said about his experience in our Millersville Dental Office:  “Dr. McCarl is a great talent and a true artist and master of his craft. During my consultation he presented realistic options and made recommendations without ever seeming pushy. After deciding to undergo a no prep veneer procedure he and his staff provided me with personalized attention every step of the way. The results not only met my expectations but far exceeded them. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. McCarl is one of the best, bar none.”

Dental Veneers without Drilling

August 23, 2011 in Dentistry,Thin Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Is your smile causing you to lose confidence? Veneers can transform an everyday smile into a Hollywood smile in just a couple of simple appointments to the dental office. Smiles with spaces, gaps, crooked, discolored, broken or missing teeth are easily improved with the placement of dental veneers. Because veneers make your teeth appear straighter and whiter, your smile will be more beautiful than ever before.

Traditional veneers are used to cover darkened teeth or very crooked teeth. They require the preparation or grinding off of natural tooth surface before the veneer can be constructed, manufactured and placed on the patient’s teeth. Should the veneer ever come off, there is an immediate need to have the veneer replaced due to the dark appearance and condition of the tooth underneath.

That was before no-prep veneers came along.

At the McCarl Dental Group, we have placed porcelain veneers for over 20 years, and now in selected cases, we offer veneers that require minimal to no-prep! Placing these no-prep veneers almost never causes any discomfort to our patients and the appointment process is extremely simple. In fact, when beginning the process for minimal or no-prep veneers, after the first appointment at our Millersville, MD or Greenbelt, MD dental office locations, it is often not even evident that anything has been done to the patient’s teeth. It’s that easy.

At the first appointment at our Millersville, MD or Greenbelt, MD dental office we simply skim the surface of the teeth that are to receive the veneers, then take an impression of the patient’s mouth. These impressions are used to create models of the teeth, so that customized veneers can be constructed in a dental lab to fit the patient’s mouth appropriately. After about 3 weeks, the patient returns to our office to have the veneers placed on their teeth, and we will adjust their bite as needed so that they will fit appropriately with the teeth on the opposite arch.

These minimal to no-prep veneers are so thin, at about 0.2mm in thickness, that they are extremely comfortable for our patients to wear. Our patients often say that in addition to being beautiful, the procedure is remarkably comfortable.

McCarl Dental Group has performed porcelain veneers for over 20 years and offers various other cosmetic dentistry options as well. Our cosmetic dentists in Millersville, MD and Greenbelt, MD will work with you to generate the smile that you’ve been dreaming of. Veneers are a wonderful cosmetic option to help restore self-esteem and confidence to your everyday life.

To learn more about the benefits of dental veneers call our Millersville dental office at 410-987-8800, Greenbelt dental office at 301-474-4144. You may read more about no-prep veneers and see pictures of our dental patients on the McCarl Dental Group website.

Thin Veneers – A Great Option for a Beautiful Smile

February 8, 2011 in Dentistry,Porcelain Veneers,Thin Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

McCarl dental patient with thin dental veneers

McCarl dental patient before minimal prep veneers

A very popular procedure in today’s world of cosmetic dentistry is the no-prep veneer. With improved dental technology, dentists can create porcelain veneers that are less than half a millimeter thick. These “thin veneers” can allow smile makeovers with little or no drilling. No-prep veneers are ideal for permanent whitening, minor orthodontic issues and transforming small teeth or teeth with spaces into beautiful and dazzling smiles. The McCarl dental patient in the pictures above transformed his smile in just two visits to our dental office with no preparation thin dental veneers. The thin veneers covered chipped teeth, gave crooked teeth a straight appearance and permanently whitened his smile.

Many people want the cosmetic improvements porcelain veneers provide for a smile but are hesitant about the preparation of the face of the tooth that is required for traditional dental veneers. With the new minimal and no preparation veneers, cosmetic dentistry has become more comfortable, affordable and convenient. Dental veneers can transform a smile in just two visits to the dentist. Thin veneers are often an ideal solution.

Click this link to watch a video testimonial by a McCarl dental patient who improved his smile with minimal preparation thin veneers. He was concerned about yellowed, chipped teeth with spaces and was thrilled to have a beautiful white smile in just two visits.

Millersville dental veneers by McCarl Dentist

Traditional veneers are thicker porcelain and require some reduction on the face of your teeth. These veneers are still the treatment of choice when teeth are too crowded or when protruding teeth need to be brought back into the smile line. Many times a patient’s unique situation is best served by a combination of thin and traditional veneers. Tooth structure may need to be modified only on selected teeth in your smile to get optimal results.

A smile makeover consultation with a dentist who is experienced in cosmetic dental treatment is the first step for improving your smile. The dentists at McCarl Dental Group combine experience in cosmetic dentistry, advances in dental technology and genuine care for our dental patients. We listen carefully to your concerns and goals. There is usually more than one solution to dental problems. McCarl dentists offer a variety of dental procedures and explain how they can improve your smile. A smile makeover can include teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain traditional veneers, thin veneers or porcelain crowns. The combination of treatments gives a great outcome and lowers the total price.

It is important for dentists to use a top quality dental lab for fabrication of porcelain veneers. The highest quality traditional and thin porcelain veneers have the shading and characteristics of natural teeth. With the recent improvements in dental technology, more people are choosing to enhance their smiles with restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Ask a dentist experienced with all types of cosmetic dentistry what would be best for you.

Severna Park Patient gets Straight White Teeth in TWO VISITS with Thin Veneers

October 2, 2010 in Dentistry,Thin Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

McCarl dental patient after minimal prep veneers

Dental patient before minimal prep veneers

This McCarl Dental patient had chipped, crooked teeth. After two, one hour visits he has a beautiful, straight, sparkling white smile.

During his first visit he shared his concerns and goals for his smile and learned about minimal preparation dental veneers (also known as thin veneers). He was excited to learn that thin veneers are affordable and dramatically improve a smile with minimal tooth alteration or drilling, NO needles and NO Novacaine! Dr. McCarl smoothed a few teeth and made impressions.

A week later, during his second visit, the thin veneers were placed and Dr. McCarl took the photo of his patient’s beautiful smile. Comfortable, quick, convenient, and affordable! Thin porcelain veneers are a great solution for improving damaged, discolored or unattractive teeth! Call our Millersville dental office 410-987-8800 or Greenbelt dental office 301-474-4144 today for your free consultation.


May 18, 2010 in Dentistry,Thin Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Discolored and irregular shaped teeth before no prep veneersDental patient delighted with no prep veneers

No Prep Veneers can be a conservative, esthetic, and affordable veneer solution for chipped teeth, spaces between teeth and dark or stained teeth. McCarl dental patients have been delighted with their smile makeovers that have been accomplished in two quick dental visits. We can brighten smiles, change shapes of teeth, eliminate spaces between teeth and create natural beautiful smiles without Novocain or drilling!

Minimal and No Prep Veneers aren’t the best solution for every patient who would like to enhance their smile. A dentist with experience in all types of veneers will create an individual dental treatment plan for each dental patient to create the best possible results. McCarl dentists in Greenbelt Maryland and Millersville Maryland have been enhancing smiles with veneers for more than 20 years and continuously study the technologies, products and procedures available for our dental patients. Because we stay current with the latest dental techniques and technologies in dental implants, Invisalign orthodontics, porcelain veneers and crowns and teeth whitening, we can offer our dental patients a wide range of options for comprehensive custom smile makeovers.

Please watch our videos to hear McCarl dental patients tell about their great experiences with no prep veneers and smile makeovers.

Explanation of No Prep Veneers before Dental Procedure

McCarl Dental Patient After No Prep Veneers>

No Prep Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

May 12, 2010 in Cosmetic Dentistry,Thin Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Minimal prep veneers and no prep veneers give dental patients a beautiful smile makeover without the discomfort of Novocain or drilling.

Rick Jones sells high quality new and restored pianos and wanted a winning smile to complement his successful business. Dr. McCarl took impressions of Rick’s teeth and the lab fabricated thin veneers similar in thickness to a contact lens. The ultra thin porcelain veneers were bonded into place on top of his natural teeth to brighten Rick’s smile, eliminate spaces between his teeth and create an even smile line without chipped and broken edges. His smile makeover with thin veneers was completed in two visits to Greenbelt dentists at McCarl Dental GroupNo prep veneers - Rick Jones after dental veneers.

Rick is extremely happy with his new smile. The technology of thin veneers has improved so that they are much more durable than just a few years ago. Veneers do not retain permanent stains. If Rick ever notices slight discoloration from coffee, tea or red wine he will be able to restore his sparkling smile with a quick application of whitening gel in take-home teeth whitening trays.

Rick Jone’s recommendation of McCarl Dental Group No Prep Veneers .


March 7, 2010 in Cosmetic Dentistry,Thin Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

On Friday March 5, 2010 Dr. Clayton McCarl and Dr. Jay McCarl took time off from treating dental patients to attend a continuing education course on the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. Because the dentists at McCarl Dental Group strive to always stay current with the latest dental procedures and technologies, many of the procedures and materials discussed are already in place at our Millersville and Greenbelt Maryland dental offices. What we look for are “the pearls” of knowledge and information that will make a difference to our patients.  Last Friday, we found some pearls to further enhance our cosmetic dentistry techniques and, especially our patients’ healthy and beautiful smiles.  Our emphasis on continuing education and current technology is always appreciated by our patients from  Annapolis, Severna Park, Crofton, Crownsville, Millersville, College Park and Greenbelt.

The lecture emphasized porcelain veneers and crowns, ultra thin veneers that require no drilling, smile makeovers, and other esthetic forms of dental care available today. Dr. David Hornbrook an internationally acclaimed innovator in cosmetic dentistry taught the course. Dr. Hornbrook has founded several world renown cosmetic dental training centers including:  The Hornbrook Group Center for Advanced Continuing Education, The Las Vegas Institute (LVI), and PAClive. The program was sponsored by The Academy of General Dentistry and Becden Dental Lab.

The dentists at McCarl Dental Group are committed to ongoing study in all fields of dentistry. Dr. Hornbrook’s course allowed us additional insight into advancements in new stronger and more esthetic forms of porcelain, diode lasers, easier and more effective ways to improve a patient’s bite, and an honest discussion on which innovations will bring benefit to our patients and which products are more hype than substance.


February 24, 2010 in Cosmetic Dentistry,Porcelain Veneers,Thin Veneers by McCarl Dental Group

Porcelain veneers are often an excellent alternative to porcelain crowns. Long lasting and conservative, porcelain veneers have gained immense popularity because of their realistic appearance and their resistance to stains. Veneers are dental porcelain laminates that bond to teeth. They can change the color, shape and size of teeth and are ideal for covering stains, correcting misalignment, closing gaps and restoring worn teeth. Dental veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure but can also improve the health, form and function of the mouth.  Crooked teeth can be difficult to clean and are more prone to tooth decay and gum disease.

Planning and design for all cosmetic dentistry cases requires experience as well as technical and artistic talent to properly design the veneer for the shape and structure of the patient’s face. The type of veneer we recommend depends on each patient’s teeth and goals for their smile. Regardless of the type of dental procedure, patients can expect their smile to look very natural and radiant. Porcelain veneers can create a beautiful, confident smile that looks real and natural, “turning back the clock” for people with small or worn teeth and giving them a more youthful smile.

The dentists at McCarl Dental Group have been enhancing patients’ smiles with veneers for more than 20 years. We “begin” every dental procedure with the “end” in mind. What is the best possible dental procedure to meet each individual patient’s goals and expectations?  How many financial options are available and which best match our patients’ needs and desired outcome? Porcelain veneers are custom and are designed specifically for each patient with that patient’s input regarding their preferences for shape, color and translucency.

Many types of veneers are similar to porcelain crowns in that the tooth surface has to be prepared. Unlike crowns, which cover the entire tooth, veneers cover only the visible portion of the tooth. Although, much of the natural tooth remains in place, a small amount of the enamel covering the tooth must be removed to allow space for the veneer.

Utlra-thin veneers are comparable to a contact lens in thickness and in many cases do not require preparation of the teeth. They are custom-made to adhere directly to the front of teeth making them an option to consider for minor cosmetic adjustments including extending small teeth, fixing a minor chip, or changing color. These brands of veneers require little or no tooth preparation to apply and give you the option to return to your original smile in the future. However, because there is little or no tooth preparation, Lumineers may look and feel bulkier than traditional veneers. A dentist with technical and artistic talent who has experience in selecting the appropriate type of veneer for each patient can design the shapes of the veneers, layering the porcelain, so that all types of veneers look natural.

If you would like learn more about porcelain veneers, please contact McCarl Dental Group. We offer a wide range of brands and types of porcelain veneers to our patients from College Park, Lanham, Seabrook, Bowie, New Carrollton, Laurel, Greenbelt, Severna Park, Annapolis, Crofton, Crownsville and Millersville.  Please visit our smile gallery at to see smile makeovers that feature porcelain dental veneers.

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