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Teeth Whitening Recommendations for Coffee, Tea, & Red Wine Drinkers

January 18, 2016 in Cosmetic Dentistry,Dentistry by mccarl_dental

If you’re one of our many patients who loves drinking coffee, tea, or red wine, you may think that dental stains are inevitable, but at McCarl Dental Group, we have good news for your pearly whites. Regular cleaning with a dental hygienist along with application of professional teeth whitening gel can remove staining and restore your smile to brilliant white. Grab a glass of your favorite staining beverage and read on to find out more about teeth whitening with our knowledgeable Greenbelt dentists and their team.

Tooth Brushing 101 from the McCarl Dental Group

December 21, 2015 in Dental Hygiene,General dentistry by mccarl_dental

Most adults have been brushing their teeth since they were toddlers, and many of them haven’t changed their brushing technique since then. A daily tooth brushing and flossing routine is the only way to ensure optimal oral health between dental checkups at McCarl Dental Group in Millersville, MD. Watch this informative video starring one of our knowledgeable dental hygienists, Sally Moore, who shares tips for effective tooth brushing, or keep reading to find out more.

All Your Flossing Questions Answered by Your Dentist in Greenbelt – McCarl Dental Group

December 2, 2015 in Dental Hygiene,General dentistry by mccarl_dental

Most patients are used to hearing questions about their flossing habits from the dentist. “How often do you floss?” “Do you floss between every tooth?” “Do you experience discomfort or bleeding during flossing?” Almost universally, our Greenbelt dental patients dread these questions. In a recent video, Dr. Jay McCarl takes the time to answer some of the most common flossing questions patients ask him. Watch this informative video from McCarl Dental Group, or keep reading to find out more.

Why are There White Spots on my Teeth?

November 9, 2015 in Dental Hygiene,Dentistry,General dentistry by mccarl_dental

There are many possible causes for white spots on teeth, but the most common is a condition known as hypomineralization, hypocalcification, or hypoplasia. Whatever word you hear a dentist use to describe the condition, it refers to the loss of minerals from tooth enamel, and it is quite common. If you have a few of these white spots or they are in highly visible locations on front teeth, contact McCarl Dental Group. Our skilled dental team provides a variety of treatment options to perfect your smile. Watch our informative video, and continue reading to find out more.

The True Consequences of Smokeless Tobacco

November 1, 2015 in Dentistry,General dentistry by mccarl_dental

Smokeless tobacco goes by many names: chew, snuff, dip, and snus. It has many forms: dry, moist, ground, powdered, shredded, leaf, and plug; but a smokeless tobacco by any other name is still tobacco. These products have a long history in the US of being marketed as enhancing athletic performance, helping people quit smoking, and as a non-addictive form of tobacco. The hard truth is that all of this is false. At McCarl Dental Group, we want our patients to know the true story behind the effects of smokeless tobacco on health: Ray’s story. Watch the video within this post to hear Ray’s oral cancer survival story.

Ray’s Story

Ray is a McCarl Dental Group patient who spent a year of his life undergoing combined chemotherapy and radiation to remove a small tumor from the back of his tongue. Ray was a long time user of smokeless tobacco, and his oncologist (cancer specialist) attributes the blame for his cancer to the period in his life when he used smokeless tobacco. Some studies indicate that oral cancer caused by smokeless tobacco can have an incubation of up to ten years. However, that doesn’t mean that quitting is pointless. The damaging effects of the toxins in the body are cumulative. So, the longer patients use, the more damage is done to their oral and whole body health.

McCarl Dental Group Shared Oral Health Tips at the Annual Greenbelt Health & Wellness Fair

October 27, 2015 in General dentistry by mccarl_dental

Greenbelt HEalth and Wellness Fair PhotoMcCarl Dental Group is fortunate to have an opportunity to take part in PG County community events that emphasize oral and overall health. The annual Greenbelt Health & Wellness Fair is one of our favorite events because we get to meet with members of the community and provide oral hygiene goodie bags, free dental consultations, and education on the best practices for at-home dental care. If you missed out on this year’s event, we hope to see you next year for this event dedicated to living happier, healthier lives, and we invite you to contact McCarl Dental Group to schedule a dental checkup and teeth cleaning.

Millersville Cosmetic Dentist Discussed Healthy Attractive Smiles at The Look 2015

October 13, 2015 in Cosmetic Dentistry,Dentistry by mccarl_dental

The Look Blog PhotoIf you’ve ever had a spa day, you have some idea what the atmosphere was like at the Loews Annapolis Hotel on September 25th for The Look 2015. Anne Arundel County women attended from Annapolis, Severna Park, Crownsville, Gambrills and Severn, Maryland for a night of health and beauty seminars, fashion and fun. This year’s festivities included free champagne and hors d’oeuvres, eye brow waxing, manicures, and more. Dr. Jay McCarl, Dr. Clayton McCarl and Dr. Diana Lee attended the event offering women the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary smile analysis and consultation.” We had a great time helping people understand the smile transformation opportunities available from our Greenbelt and Millersville Maryland cosmetic dentists. We invite our community to contact us for a smile analysis with a smile makeover consultation.

Worn Down Teeth? Get Nightguards!

September 28, 2015 in Dentistry,General dentistry by mccarl_dental

Teeth grinding damage needs nightguards from mccarl dentalTooth enamel is the hardest substance in our body, but even the strongest teeth become worn down over time. Dietary changes, improved oral hygiene, and better dental treatment make it possible for patients to retain their natural smiles for a lifetime. One of the first reasons dentists noted this change was the increased necessity for wisdom tooth extraction. The third set of molars are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth because they erupt between 17 and 25 years of age. Anthropologists believed that the early function of wisdom teeth was to replace teeth that were lost because our ancient ancestors ate coarse foods that quickly wore down tooth enamel. Most modern lifestyles are much less tough on teeth. This has made wisdom teeth almost entirely unnecessary. Unfortunately, teeth still wear down throughout our lives (just not before our 20th birthdays!). The caring team at McCarl Dental Group can help you protect your smile. Call our Greenbelt dental office or our Millersville, Maryland dentists. Call for an appointment today.

Dental Cleaning by Greenbelt Dental Hygienists

September 17, 2015 in Dental Hygiene,Dentistry by mccarl_dental

Patient recieves a thorough teeth cleaning for your Greenbelt dental hygienists at McCarl Dental GroupDental cleaning Greenbelt residents prefer isn’t just about having a beautiful smile it’s about optimal oral health, and you can’t get the same results from at-home care alone. Talk to our dentists or hygienists during your next visit about the powerful positive effects of consistent dental checkups and teeth cleanings. Our Millersville, MD dental team is determined to help patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Both our Greenbelt and Millersville, Maryland Dental Hygienists receive 5 star reviews! Call to schedule your six month checkup and hygiene appointment today. If you have periodontal disease, you may need to have your teeth cleaned professionally more frequently than every six months. Your dental hygienist and dentist will help you with a schedule that works best for you.

Are Your Teeth Sensitive After Whitening? Try At-Home Whitening in Millersville, Maryland

August 28, 2015 in Cosmetic Dentistry,Dentistry,Teeth Whitening by mccarl_dental

fantastic results with at-home teeth whitening in millersvilleMany patients hear that teeth whitening can be painful for those with sensitive teeth. This may be the case for some patients, but advances in dentistry have made teeth whitening more comfortable than ever. At McCarl Dental Group, our dentists offer professional at-home whitening to help patients achieve the brilliant smile they want without the discomfort they fear. Our Millersville and Greenbelt, MD offices welcomes patients from surrounding areas to contact us to schedule a whitening consultation today.

Teeth Whitening Greenbelt Trusts

Every smile is unique and McCarl Dental Group never takes a one size fits all approach to dentistry. When it comes to helping our patients brighten their smiles, we offer a range of at-home treatments to fit your budget and whitening need. We use Zoom! teeth whitening products, and this versatile whitening line allows our patients the ability to find an option that fits their needs including the ability to customize the strength of whitening gel to avoid sensitivity. Best of all, because McCarl Dental Group is committed to helping Millersville residents have the smiles they deserve, we offer whitening to our patients at our cost.

At-Home Whitening in Millersville

Zoom!, the leader in teeth whitening, offers a full range of at-home whiteners for the comfort and convenience Greenbelt, MD area residents desire. Zoom!’s line of at-home products offer a variety of peroxide levels, durations of wear, and result times. We prepare a customized application tray to make your home whitening more comfortable and effective than generic, over the counter whitening gels and strips. Patients whiten their teeth to remove coffee, tea, and wine stains, yellowing, and to lighten teeth that have darkened with age. Some reasons patients prefer at-home teeth whitening:

  • Patients are in the driver’s seat – choose the strength, time of wear, and can stop at any time
  • Convenience of not having to schedule whitening appointments
  • Ability to touch up their results before special events or photo opportunities

Zoom! at-home products include

  • DayWhite Maximum White – 14% hydrogen peroxide, worn 15 minutes 2 times a day, and shows results in 2 weeks. Great results for minimal wear time.
  • NiteWhite Maximum White – 16% carbamide peroxide, worn overnight or 2-4 hours/day, and shows results in 2 weeks. Great results for those who prefer whitening while sleeping.
  • NiteWhite Quick 3-day – 22% carbamide peroxide worn overnight or 2-4 hours/day, and shows dramatic results quickly. Great for patients with less sensitive teeth who want fast results.
  • DayWhite Gentle – 6% hydrogen peroxide, worn 30 minutes/day, shows results in 2 weeks. Great for patients with very sensitive teeth.
  • DayWhite Touchups – 9.5% hydrogen peroxide, worn 5-10 minutes/day as needed, helps to maintain results of in-office or at-home whitening. Great for all whitening patients who want to extend their results.

Call the Cosmetic Dentist Greenbelt, MD Prefers

For Greenbelt, MD residents with sensitive teeth, a brilliant smile doesn’t have to be out of reach, with the wide variety of Zoom! Whitening products offered by McCarl Dental Group. There are some cases where patients’ teeth will be too sensitive even for the gentlest whitening products. Sometimes dark, staining that goes beneath the enamel layer of the teeth cannot be removed through whitening. When this happens, we offer thin veneers that require no dental preparation, and regular veneers to cover deep set stains. As an added bonus, veneers can also reduce tooth sensitivity. Call our Greenbelt or Millersville offices to find out more or schedule your whitening consultation today.

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