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Comfort and Technology Gallery & Testimonials

TONY - Patient Since 2013

Tony’s dental situation was unique in that over the years he always went to a dentist regularly and followed the recommendations he received. As time went by, back teeth began to chip and break. A bad taste appeared where food trapped and teeth were breaking down. As far as he knew, this was a consequence of time and nothing could be done.

When Tony became a patient at McCarl Dental Group and learned that advances in modern dentistry could solve his problems, he didn’t hesitate. Now his mouth is healthier, stronger and looks better than ever. Tony had never declined the option of top dental care, he was never made aware of it.

"I am a professional entrepreneur and my confidence with my smile, teeth, and breath have and will always been important to me.  After two $600 re-does on a back tooth by my old dentist, he recommended I get a $1500 crown.  At that very moment, I knew it was time to make a change!

Dr. McCarl came highly recommended by a friend.  At my very first appointment, I knew this dental practice was "LITERALLY" light years in front of most dental practices! Dr. Clayton did a thorough exam of all my teeth with technology and expertise I had never seen before. He not only told me that I had tooth decay under my fillings (which at first I didn't believe), but he showed me with pictures.  I was shocked!  My old dentist must have not seen what was going on or didn't have the technology to detect it. On the first exam, Dr. McCarl laid out a plan and its cost up front with what was essential to do first. He fixed the decay, capped what was in need of caps, removed the 40 year old mercury fillings and gave me back my youthful smile.  I am 52 years old and for the first time in 35 years, I smile fully and confidently.

After all the dental work was done, I went into get a teeth cleaning.  I loathed teeth cleanings my whole life! I was utterly amazed at how painless and enjoyable having my teeth cleaned could be at McCarl Group Dentistry!

If you want a consummate professionals at the top of their game doing your dentistry, then I whole-heartily without one single reservation recommend that you go to this practice!!!!!!!!!!!!"

SHIRLEY - Patient Since 1960

Shirley is a third generation patient with the McCarl family. When Dr. James W. McCarl became the town dentist in Greenbelt in 1937, Shirley’s mother (7 years old at the time) was one of his first patients.

Shirley always wanted perfectly straight, white, beautiful teeth. After a smile analysis and smile make-over, minor crowding was corrected, the shapes of her teeth were improved and cracked teeth were strengthened. She got the "Hollywood smile" she dreamed of with porcelain crowns and veneers.

"I have plenty of good things to say about my dentist. I would tell someone that he has always taken me on emergencies, he listens, he is gentle, compassionate, patient and meticulous, and he is always in a good MOOD! I don't how he manages that part! He is a perfectionist as well as a very caring person. I would also say that when he did my teeth, he encouraged me to have a natural, yet, good, look. I do not look done or overdone. At our age, we should not look like we have HAD work; we should just look radiant and great. Also, because when our teeth are healthy, we feel good, are in better general health, and we just sparkle! I realize that as we age, the care that we have taken of our teeth becomes more and more paramount."

"Of course, I would say good things about all the dentists there as well as the most tremendous staff and hygienists ever!!"

SONJA - Patient Since 1960

Sonja’s parents were patients of the first generation Dr. McCarl, our grandfather. Her husband, sons, daughters, and grandsons were treated by a second generation Dr. McCarl, our father. Now she is with us in a third generation of McCarl dentistry. Treatment options and dental technology have really advanced in her lifetime. Her teeth were heavily filled and others were worn in the front. While improving her smile with porcelain crown technology we were also able to preserve and strengthen her teeth. Our families have laughed and smiled together for generations!

"I have been going to the McCarl Dental Group since around 1959 with the late Dr. McCarl Sr. When I came back to the area I think one of my brothers said, "You must go to Clayton McCarl". So I did and have been going ever since. My entire family goes to the McCarls. Now retired, I still make the trip from Western Howard County. I always recommended employees and friends."

"When I talk I am usually smiling. I can't say enough about how important my smile is to me. I even have strangers ask who takes care of my teeth. I always tell them about my wonderful dentist family - yes they are like family - so caring - the entire staff included."

NORM - Patient Since 2009

Norman came to McCarl Dental Group with many dental concerns, one of which was that he might have to lose his teeth and get dentures. We were able to restore Norman’s smile, and his facial profile to a more youthful and healthy place. He is a great guy, and extremely appreciative of the changes. Norman is the type of patient that makes dentistry so rewarding!

"I was having toothache after toothache, when a teacher suggested I go to McCarl Dentists. There I met an excellent group of people who all were a major part in one way or another, in helping me to get my toothache taken care of by finding the problem, fixing it and giving my teeth a makeover (if you will). Today I smile more. I am very pleased with McCarl Dentistry. Special thanks to Dr. J. McCarl."

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