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June 12, 2010 in Dental Implants by McCarl Dental Group

A beautiful and healthy smile makes us more attractive, but did you know that smiling can also help you feel better?  According to Dr. Mark Stibich, smiling helps reduce your stress level, boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure and releases endorphins, our body’s natural pain killers. Smiling also helps improve our mood and keeps us from looking tired, worn down, and overwhelmed.

Smiling more frequently is a simple way to improve the quality of your life.
Researchers think that even when you force a smile, you are signaling the emotional centers of your brain to tell them that everything is good. Simply activating specific muscles in your face that create a smile signals the emotions of happiness and joy. A smiling person brings happiness with them so you also help others feel better! Oprah Radio host Dr. Robin Smith says a smile is so powerful and contagious; your life may change for the better once you start smiling! “By smiling at someone, you have the capacity to ignite a chain reaction of other smiles,” she says.

A beautiful and healthy smile conveys warmth, confidence and success. Many people, however, feel extremely self-conscious about their smile. If you do not enjoy smiling because you are embarrassed by your teeth please call for an appointment with a dentist at McCarl Dental Group. We can help you have a confident and attractive smile.

If you would like to correct discolored teeth that you have had since childhood, you could consider zoom teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. Dental veneers can also minimize the effects of aging that develop over time including cracked or worn down teeth. The McCarl dentists are certified in all aspects of traditional and minimally invasive dental implants. They offer comprehensive dentistry featuring traditional  and no-preparation porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges, Invisalign orthodontics, composite fillings, teeth whitening, dental hygiene and periodontal treatment.

Crooked teeth can be straightened with Invisalign orthodontics
. Straight teeth enhance the beauty of your smile and also have health benefits. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and can lead to gum disease and periodontal disease. Invisalign makes orthodontics a great option for adults who have always wanted straight teeth, or have had relapse from braces as a teenager. McCarl dentists can also straighten your teeth with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are stronger, thinner and more durable than the veneers of twenty years ago. Both traditional and minimal preparation veneers are available at McCarl Dental Group. Talk to your dentist about which options will be most effective for you.

If you are missing teeth, there has never been a better time for a dental implant.
With the recent advances in dental implants, more patients are candidates for permanent tooth replacement. Some people do not have enough bone in their jaws for the larger, traditional implants; however, most people have sufficient bone mass for mini dental implants. A dental implant restored with a crown looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth.  Dental implants replace the root of the tooth with a biocompatible titanium alloy and are placed in the jaw where they fuse to the bone. They are effective for single and multiple tooth restoration. The most common use of mini dental implants is stabilization of dentures. The bottom line for many dental implant patients is that for the first time since they have had dentures, they can actually talk and chew without being afraid that their dentures will fall out or shift causing sores in their mouths. Patients are able to remove and replace the denture easily so that they can clean their gums and dentures daily.

Could it be that SMILING is the true key to success?
In his book How to Win Friends & Influence People, Dale Carnegie says, “the effect of a smile is powerful” and lists smiling as second in the top six ways to make people like you. He describes a genuine heartwarming smile as one of the most captivating features in charming and successful people. Smile and you will draw people to you. “The expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes on one’s back.”

The McCarl dentists were named Top Dentists by Dental Specialists in the AA County Dental Association in the What’s Up? Annapolis poll and nationally by the Consumers Research Council of America. McCarl Dental Group was also voted Best Dentist in the Capital Newspaper Reader’s Choice poll.

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