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Maryland Dentists Recommend Hydro Floss

February 7, 2013 in Dental Hygiene,Dentistry by McCarl Dental Group

How Often Do You Floss Your Teeth?
Some dental patients tell us that they don’t use dental floss unless there is something stuck between their teeth. Are you a reluctant flosser?

We think this will change after you try the new Hydro Floss. It is comfortable, affordable, easy and convenient!

How often should you floss your teeth?
The American Dental Association recommends flossing at least daily. The dentists and hygienists recommend flossing with traditional dental floss as well as cleaning between teeth with oral irrigation or water flossing. At McCarl Dental Group, we especially like the Hydro Floss, a magnetized water oral irrigator.

Why should you floss your teeth?
Flossing helps remove plaque from the areas between your teeth where the toothbrush can’t reach.  Plaque that is not removed by brushing and flossing can harden into calculus or tartar within just 26 hours. If tartar and dental calculus are not removed, it can progress into a serious form of gum disease.

Daily brushing and flossing as well as routine cleaning by a dental hygienist remove plaque, tartar and calculus. All are part of the basic dental care necessary to help prevent and treat gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Dentists and hygienists are always trying to motivate dental patients to floss their teeth. Flossing can be challenging for patients with limited dexterity. Some dental patients find flossing difficult and some patients are just too lazy to floss. Water flossing is even easier than traditional dental flossing. Oral irrigation is also ideal for patients with hard to reach areas around bridges, crowns, implants or braces.

We can’t say it too many times: the dentists and dental hygienists at McCarl Dental Group recommend flossing with both traditional dental floss and oral irrigation.

Hydro Floss is an oral irrigation device that delivers a steady stream of water that flushes out food particles, bacteria and plaque from under the gums and between teeth, the areas a toothbrush can’t reach. Hydro Floss is easy to use and cleans hard to reach areas before using traditional dental floss.

Our patients are having great success with the Hydro Floss. It is easy. Turn a switch and let a gentle stream of water clean between your teeth and around your gums. The convenience of water flossers increases patient compliance in maintaining oral hygiene. The result is healthier gums and teeth, and cleaner oral appliances such as braces, bridges and dental implants.

For patients with sensitive teeth, Hydro Floss allows you to adjust the pressure of the water stream through manual controls. You may also fill the water reservoir with warm water (slightly warmer than your body temperature) to maximize comfort.

The dentists and staff at McCarl Dental Group encourage and promote oral health for each of our patients. Part of that responsibility includes teaching about products that can help improve oral health.

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