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June 16, 2010 in Dentistry by McCarl Dental Group

Dentists and specialists in Anne Arundel County and Prince Georges County work together to provide optimal dental care for their patients. An example of this is a complex dental implant case that may require a bone graft or sinus lift. The general dentist and oral surgeon or periodontist will communicate on all aspects of dental treatment. They email dental x-rays and discuss the treatment plan, patient healing and technical specifications for the next phase of treatment. There are several study clubs for dentists in Annapolis, Severna Park, Crofton and Millersville. These study clubs foster continuing education and review of current research and literature, communication among dental among colleagues, and ultimately improved patient care.

Another way that Dr. Clayton McCarl works with other dentists is by helping them secure financing for dental equipment upgrades and capital improvements to their dental offices. Dr. McCarl is a Director on the Board of Revere Bank which has branches in Laurel and Rockville, Maryland. Revere Bank is currently looking for an Anne Arundel County location. Read more from Dr. Clayton McCarl to learn about how a dentist on a bank board can help other dentists.

Banking on Dentistry, by Dr. Clayton McCarl, Jr.
With the banking world turned upside down, a new bank in Laurel, Maryland found a stable and dependable partner … in dentists.

Revere Bank opened its doors in November 2007, just months after the nationwide residential mortgage melt-down. Banks across the country were paying the price for speculative lending, and this new community bank set its sights on partnering only with dependable businesses with a track record of success.  As a third-generation dentist, I know about the financial stability of dentistry.  Dental practices have among the lowest failure rates of any business in the United States (less than one percent nationwide).  Dentists by nature are careful, organized and methodical people.  Our dedication to our patients’ well-being has earned us the community’s trust.  Although no business is recession-proof, dental care is still valued and prioritized by the public.  People know the economy will turn around and do not want to neglect their dental health if at all possible.

Two years ago I became an initial investor in Revere Bank, a start-up or “de novo” bank.  After working with the principals, I was invited to be a director on the managing board.  During the first year, board members attended bimonthly meetings which included director education.  All directors underwent extensive background checks and were interviewed by state and federal regulatory agencies.  Board members were also required to pass tests on banking regulations.

At first glance it may seem unusual for a full-time dentist to be a bank
director, but I have always enjoyed the business aspect of dentistry and business in general.  Before receiving my DDS from the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, I earned a business degree from Maryland’s Smith School of Business.  Every business faces the same challenges — increasing revenues and managing cash flow while controlling overhead.  All businesses need to embrace technological changes and new products and identify trends in society that have substance not just flash.  The business acumen necessary for successful management of a large dental practice is similar to that of any business, including the business of banking.
In recent conversations with dentists, a recurring topic was the changing playing field regarding banking products and services.  I shared the concerns of my dental colleagues with Revere Bank CEO Drew Flott and the other directors.  We decided that Revere Bank should place an emphasis on the dental community as preferred customers and dedicate a large pool of funds for dentists and their business needs.  Banks across the country have been experiencing loan losses in those industries most affected by the recession.  These losses adversely affect the banks’ ability to lend money to thriving businesses like dental practices despite their excellent track record. Other banks that were lending money to dentists were doing so with unfavorable rates, terms and fees.  Since Revere Bank opened after the sub-prime debacle, we are not burdened by bad loans.  Our bank decided not to offer residential home mortgages or engage in risky hybrid financial products. These safeguards allow us to offer better rates and services to our customers.

Bankers typically determine the value of a business by its hard assets and cash flow.  Dental practices are unique in that a significant value must be placed on earning potential which is usually determined by patient count and collected billable fees.  A license to practice dentistry has great value in and of itself.  The difficulty in obtaining that license restricts free entry into the field and gives us an inherent advantage over other industries that have open, competitive entry systems.  The McCarl Dental Group works with Allen M. Schiff, CPA, CFE of Schiff and Associates, Certified Public Accountants and Management Consultants, a founding member of the Academy of Dental CPAS (  Schiff and Associates provide accounting, tax and practice management consulting exclusively for dentists.  Mr. Schiff, who continually seeks the best practices, products and opportunities for his clients, was a perfect choice to educate the directors of Revere Bank about the unique opportunity to assist dentists.  Mr. Schiff met with the Board and Revere Bank Officers to teach methods for determining the true value of a dental practice.  Revere Bank then elected to be a sponsor for a Schiff and Associates annual client practice management seminar.  This gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to over a hundred dentists and the response was overwhelming.  Revere Bank made a commitment to offer dentists the highest level of personal service and extremely low promotional rates to gain an entry into the dental community.

Just as a successful dental practice operates on efficiency, quality care and genuine concern for their patients, Revere Bank operates the same way for their banking customers.  Instead of daily trips to the bank for deposits, Revere installs scanning devices (Remote Deposit Capture) in dental offices so that checks and credit card payments are electronically deposited in their account.  If documents need immediate attention, Revere bankers can go to the dental office, so that the dentist doesn’t lose valuable production hours visiting the bank.
During the past year, Revere Bank has assisted in dental practice purchases, new office construction, renovation, refinancing, equipment loans, lines of credit and other related banking products.  Many dentists are taking advantage of extremely low borrowing rates for high tech equipment purchases that help us offer the highest quality of patient care.  Banking on dentistry has been a win-win relationship for dentists and for Revere Bank in our mid-Atlantic marketplace.

Clayton McCarl, Jr. DDS, FAGD is President of McCarl Dental Group, a third-generation dental practice with two dental offices in Greenbelt and Millersville, Maryland.  He practices dentistry with his brother, Dr. Jay McCarl, cousin, Dr. David McCarl, and associates.  For further information, please contact Dr. McCarl at 301-474-4144 or

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