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June 18, 2010 in Dental Implants,Dentistry by McCarl Dental Group

From time to time people with removable partial plates are forced to be without their partial.  Whether it has been removed for routine cleaning, a medical procedure, or has been sent to a dental lab overnight, patients inevitably have to do without it for periods of time. When one or more of your front teeth are replaced by that partial, it is embarrassing to be seen without your front teeth.  It is ideal not to have front teeth included as part of a partial plate so that your smile is unaffected for those times when it is not in place.

The dental patient in this video has an upper removable partial plate that replaces one front tooth and a few others in the back. By inserting a mini dental implant and restoring it with a crown we were able to remove the front tooth off of the existing partial so that it just replaces missing back teeth. The entire procedure took two visits, 2 weeks apart, with a combined chair time of 90 minutes.  The dental visits were extremely easy for the patient. This patient did NOT need general anesthesia, incisions, stitches, and virtually needed no recovery. For the first time in years this Annapolis patient is not missing a front tooth! He is amazed that the mini implant restored with a porcelain crown feels and functions like a natural tooth.

Annapolis Dental Implant Patient Before Procedure

Annapolis dental implant patient after restoring mini implant with a porcelain crown.

With the most recent advances in dental implants, more patients are candidates for permanent tooth replacement. Some patients do not have enough bone in their jaws to place the larger, traditional implants while most patients have sufficient bone mass for placement of a tiny minimally invasive dental implant. Mini implants withstand normal chewing forces just like natural teeth.

Dr. Clayton McCarl, Dr. Jay McCarl and Dr. David McCarl have attended dental implant mini-residency programs and are certified in treatment planning, case selection, implant placement protocol and restorative techniques for both traditional and minimally invasive dental implants.

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