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All-Ceramic Crowns in Greenbelt and Millersville, MD

At McCarl Dental Group, we work hard to help our patients have healthy smiles for a lifetime. Dental decay and tooth damage can still occur despite everyone’s best efforts. When this occurs, our dentists work with patients to determine the right restorative dentistry solution that delivers the results they need while retaining the maximum amount of healthy dental structure. When it comes to dental crowns, fixed bridges, and other advanced restorations, we are happy to offer patients a variety of materials to meet any need. However, one of our most popular options is the cosmetically superior all-ceramic restoration.

Quality Materials

Traditionally, metals were used to create crowns and other restorations. These metals are typically rated in quality based on the percentage of gold. Metallic restorations might contain no gold or as much as 88%. Most dental practices use a material made from at least 50% gold as this improves the quality, durability, and biocompatibility of the restoration. Statistically about 80% of women have allergies to metal and many men and women are sensitive to these materials. For those patients whose allergy or sensitivities make metallic restorations unsuccessful or who would prefer a more cosmetically appealing solution, ceramic restorations may be a better option. Ceramic, sometimes referred to as porcelain, is available in a variety of styles and they can vary dramatically in quality and price. The real difference is the grain size. The finer the grain of porcelain the more natural the restoration looks and the less wear is caused to opposing teeth. Another difference between porcelains is strength and fracture resistance. The strongest of all porcelains are generally less esthetic and are usually used in the back of the mouth on teeth that are not visible when smiling or talking.


The simplest way to manufacture a porcelain crown is to use a single shade of porcelain shaped to the dentist’s specifications and fired in the furnace. However, the highest quality restorations use a layering process to more accurately mimic the natural color of the tooth. Many dental technicians are artists. They use a full color palette of porcelain to accurately recreate the lost dental structures using a technique called layering. First, they bake the porcelain in the desired shape. Then, the crown is “cut back” slightly and additional layers of varying shades of porcelain are added in order to make the restoration look completely natural even as it wears down over time.

Tools of the Trade

All-ceramic restorations require a great deal of state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture properly. From the sophisticated design software required in the planning stages to the pressing ovens used to finalize the restoration, this equipment has not been affordable or readily available within most dental offices or even dental laboratories. However, the technology is changing and improving every year making these restorations increasingly more cost effective to manufacture.

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